1lb. Propane Canister Engine!?!!??

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    Check out this engine. Runs on a 1lb. propane canister that run coleman lanterns/stoves. I know it is illegal to refill(scratch, cancel that)"It is illegal to transport a refilled 1lb propane canister". I do know how to refill one for pennies on the dollar using a 20lb gas grill tank though.............

    It says it is a 4 stroke and gets 1 hour use on a 1lb propane canister. No monkey mess.

    Any guinea pigs............?

    This shows it is a 25cc, probably has the 54mm clutch drum.



    & Read.

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    It certainly sounds good.
    I think it will be difficult to find the specially manufactured oil that the engine requires though.
    I have never heard of it before. "SEA 10w-30 oil"
    It must be some new fangled water based lubricant.
    I hope that it is not like the new water based automotive paints, they suck.
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    YEAH! And at 21mph, when you fold one in two, you'll have a nice small LP gas engine to make a small generator out of!!!
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    I bet you dollars to donuts that is a 25cc Lehr engine or a Chinese clone of a Lehr engine. For about $150 you can buy a Lehr string trimmer and use the engine for whatever you want. I have email from a Lehr engineer verifying that all their string trimmers have centrifugal clutches. I assume these are the 54mm kind.

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    Looks like Lehr makes several products that run on propane. However from what I can see...............

    They only make a 25cc that might be used for our purposes....



    If they made a 35-thru-50cc it would be pretty sweet if it had the 76mm clutch.

    The 25cc does have a cent. clutch. More than likely 54mm

    I wonder if someone could convert a 2 stroke/4stroke goped engine to run on a 1lb propane canister.

    If one could......................



    This is how you refill the 1lb propane canister

    <not my video
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    The Lehr 25cc does use a 54mm centifugal clutch - I got one from an engine/warranty service center near here that does warranty work for Home Depot stores - they throw them out if it will take more than one hour or $40 (at wholesale) to repair the string trimmer, and the supervisor told me I could have it free of charge.

    I've been working on a vary short wheel base rear-steer design with front wheel drive tadpole intended for a handicapped friend to use as a replacement for his electric wheelchair, so we can go riding, which I plan to use the engine on. It will use my "poor mans" three speed differential design, with freewheels at the half axles so he can shut off the engine and use it like a conventional caster wheeled wheelchair if he wants to go into a store on it. Biggest pain is the electric starter, so far.
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    I just saw a couple of the Sears/Lehr propane trimmers at Tuesday Morning (A sort of surplus store,) for less than $100 each, and thought hard about getting one. With just a 25cc motor, they would be lower speed (20 MPH or so, max,) but, they would certainly be an environmentally 'friendly' option.

    You would definitely need the ability to refill your cylinders, though. Per their site, a tank will run for two hours; according to some accounts, the tanks last longer than that - depending on how hard you push the motor.

    BTW. Daves Discount Motors is selling just the Lehr engine for $275.
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    Shoot! Get one from Tuesday Morning before it's gone! That's an awesome price.

    They used to have a store here, but no more. I would be down there now to see if it was in stock!

    The engine may be a bit gutless, but it would make an awesome experiment for an alternative fuel project.
  10. Wheres my dog

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    Granted it has a 54mm clutch on it... but this seems like a very viable entry into a small cc engine and power source for a small project!

    The cheapest I have found one online is Ebay for $140 plus ~$25 shipping.... it seems the shaft bolts right onto the engine with the 4 clutch housing bolts, so it is easily removed!

    I already see my vision of having a fuel line ran back to a push trailer with a concealed bbq style propane tank feeding the engine.

    Possibly just a push trailer with a hidden large propane cylinder on it masked from view.

    Any thoughts guys???
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  12. Our local ACE hardware was stocking the propane weedeater. They had them for a year or so then pulled them off the shelf and sent them all back. Every one of them came back because of fuel hose leak problems. Don't know about other products. Sears sells one too...Same maker different badge? Also this small engine needs to have the oil changed often (but which small engine doesn't?)
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    Even with the fuel hose problem you speak of.... assuming that is just a standard hose, sounds to be easily replacable even in the field.

    Still watching for prices to drop on it... it is the off season now, so hopefully soon!
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    Now this I really like, I just don't know how well a friction drive would climb up the hill that I live on.
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    If someone has has a tanaka 33 or rs25 seems as though it should hook up to a Golden Eagle kit as well (May be too bulky with the canister?)
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    And, it IS a 25cc engine; with propane, you'd lose a little power...

    Staton only offers 7/8 and 1 inch rollers with this kit, so it may not fit your situation.
  18. Wheres my dog

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    Just checked Ebay... brand new weedwacker with said engine is shipped for ~$130

    Not bad for a 25cc engine... BUT it still needs the 76mm clutch adapter to work with any standard MB system
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    I think it's cool, but they need a 50cc. :) This 25cc should be really good for a road bike or a low speed city bike. 20mph is fast when traffic is standing still!