1'ST 2-Sroke Project

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by beachcruiser, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. beachcruiser

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    Things are really going slow for my CH80 project. After about
    2-weeks of searching for a bicycle that I wanted to do this project
    on, I decided just to order a Worksman 20" Straight Top Post with front
    and rear drum brakes. I know i won't be able to use the rear drum on this build though. I am hoping there is enough room for this engine. I
    am wanting to go with the SBP Shifter after I get all the bugs out of the
    engine. Everything seems up in the air, at the moment until I recieve this
    bicycle in about 2- weeks. Has anyone used this type of bicycle for their

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with it.

    But are you going to be able to fit a happy time engine into the frame of a 20" bike?

    Or was that a misprint? Or maybe you were talking about something other than wheel size?
  3. beachcruiser

    beachcruiser Member

    I was refering to the downtube length. It has 26" wheels.
    The bottom straight bar sits lower. That may be where some
    modification may be needed. I guess I won't know till I get the
    bicycle. Since it was an custom order bicycle, I will have to wait
    3-4 weeks to recieve it.
  4. seca40

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    Ooooh. A worksman with dual drums. Sweet. I'll bet Andyinville could make you a really nice sprocket that would work with the rear drum. It sounds like it will be a nice build.
  5. beachcruiser

    beachcruiser Member

    I guess I did not do my homework when ordering the
    Worksman Bicycle. I now understand that it takes about
    2-months to recieve. Must be a long bike ride from NY to
    Illinois to deliver...lol. So plans have changed for me. When
    ever it does arrive, I will order a Staton Friction Drive for this
    Worksman Bicycle. I purchased a 1973 Schwinn Continental
    Lemon Yellow 26" frame and fork only for $25.00. This is a tall frame and heavyweight. I am awaiting the arrival of SBP kit to
    finally get started and eagerly learn about modifications and
    the thrill of working on these 2-stroke engines. I found a person
    that has his basement is full of older Schwinn Continental Varisty
    Bicycles and does not know what to do with them. Just says he
    likes collecting them for something to do.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    It sounds like you've stumbled on a gold mine.

    the Continental/Varsity line would make great frames for an MB

    You can replace the front fork with forks from wal-mart bikes in the trash. You might have to spread and bend the rear chain-stays a bit. But then you'd have frames that you could mount mountain bike wheels and tires on.

    I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  7. srdavo

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    1974 Schwinn Continental

    Lots of possibilities for the sturdy old Schwinn.

    before before.jpg

    after. 100_2516.JPG

    That straight bar cruiser is going to be worth the wait!!
    cruiser2.jpg Extra Nice Bike!!

    I use a Staton friction kit as my daily ride. I am sure you will like it!!
  8. Sheep Dog

    Sheep Dog New Member

    My worksman

    check out the pics of my 20 inch worksman on my profile page.
  9. beachcruiser

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    I checked out your pictures of your frame modification
    for the Worksman M2600 model. That gave your bicycle
    all kinds of space to work from. I like your modification.
    I took my Schwinn to a shop. I wanted 4 inch extension
    to the rear of the bicycle. I had a quality headset already
    installed with the front fork and the bottom bracket set.
    The back of the shop where he worked from, he heated with
    a wood stove, accept he used cardboard for heating purposes
    and a fire started on the back roof and totaly destroyed the
    back of the shop. So I am going to take this as a bad omen
    and not use the Schwinn for this project.