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  2. That may be a tight fit in the frame. Then no way will you get your pedals to work.
    I'm thinking go rack mount with reach behind shifting. You'll have to fab a shifter to reach over to the left side so your right hand stays on the throttle when your shifting. Then chain drive that bad boy.
    May be easier finding a CVT tranny for that so no reach around needed.
    Then you may have a Moped there with the top speed being pretty much the same as a moped...
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    the law says..

    As soon as you put a Multi speed Transmission on your bicycle, it is no longer a bicycle and becomes a Motorcycle. Once you get done, you will need a license to ride it anywhere. sorry to pour water on that fire..Bummer...
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    my neighbor is a cop and said as long as its below 50cc and wasnt riding like an idiot. the chances of geting pulled over are slim, and if i was pulled over i wouldnt even get a ticket. so yeah.

    and i measured the frame and it doesnt fit so i might cut and weld it to fit... or get creatve...who knows lol
  5. Yea I would never go over 20 mph on a bicycle. If I was to ever have gears it would be used for pulling my heavy frame up the steepest of hills.
    The minute you go over 30 on a bicycle and it's apparent your engine isn't redlining meaning you can go more that's gonna hurt all of us when it comes to motoredbikes.
    Even when I ride,I try to ride SLOWER than the roadies. I'll pass some bikers but I won't go screaming past them.That way it's clear I'm using my engine for pedal assisting and not burning down the trail passing everybody with the look of evil.
    I think this is why cops just wave at me when I'm on the sidewalk cruising not pedaling.
    I'm gonna video this... tomorrow.
    I see cops on my rides all the time.
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    I'm looking to get a top speed of maybe 25mph but I do have hills where I live. That's way I really want this motor I could use the first and second gears for the hills and 3rd to. Cruise around... If I can get it to fit! Or I might have to swallow my pride and buy the DAX kit... Not that its bad I just wanted to be different LOL