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    I Live In Az. This Is My 1st Build , Its A 3g Isla Cruiser Tried To Do It Right For The First One , Went With 12 Gauge Spokes And Heavy Duty Wheels , Put A Front Disc Brake On It , With A Skyhawk Gt5 66cc , Just Breaking It In Seems To Be Running Good , Have A Question Are There Any Carb Adjustments Necessary? And Should I Wait For Break In , Or Would It Be Better To Leave All Adj To Factory Settings? Thanks

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    Hey AZ,
    Sounds like you did it right, for a first build!
    ..You really don't need to expend all that extra energy typing all those caps!!!

    I am a fan of breaking in a new engine easily... build up speed steadily, ease off throttle and slow down... do it again, and again. Shorter run periods, at first.
    Increase time, and speed little by little, and NEVER WOT until the engine is well broken in and everything is seated.
    Check for loose nuts and bolts frequently during this process !!!

    Unless your engine seems really stupid hot after a run, jetting should be ok for an easy breakin. If it's overheating, well, that's bad, and you should stop everything and find out why.

    Chances are it will be broken in after the first full tank of fuel has run through it, and you can begin deciding then, what sort of improved tuning might be necessary for best performance.

    Have fun!
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    thanks for the info , im out riding !