1st build 1st ride 1st broken rim

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  1. echotraveler

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    hello friends

    After some weeks of building i finished! went to the pump, mixed the oil, and tried to start...but, the chain holde got in the way of the spokes, stoped and fixed, then it happened again, tighten it more! ok now! it works! then the chain for some reason breaks! lol i fix that back home, and then again lets do it!

    went out, and the chain holder gets in the way again! i get some friends and they help me get this thing tight! but the **** thing just kept getting in the way....no harm YET! i should have stopped, but how can you stop when oil is burning! so i go out...and it happends ..it really gets in the way, and rips 6 spokes out the rim!!:bigcry:

    the chain broke again...now i cant fix it, and the motor was still on, i didnt know how to turn it off...turn the gas off, wait, think....play with the air intake it works....but the muffler is glowing red!! what!!!

    wow i was amazed!!:(

    ....what i learned? patience is difficult to understand.

    bending, altering, priming, desing, painting, tunning...can make your go crazy.

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  2. Mountainman

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    that's a fine looking motor bike you got there
    the spokes pulling through like that -- don't see that too often
    I think that usually they break -- not pull through
    well you have strong spokes and something had to give...

    were you able to repair the wheel ?

    ride the motor bike
  3. CLynn85

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    I too had a LOT of trouble with the tensioner that came in my kit. The radiuses that were bent into it were way too big and no matter how tight I got the bolts it would still get pulled over to the side. My temporary fix was to put a soft steel spacer up against the tube and replace the bolts with 3/8" grade 8 so that when I tightened the tensioner down it deformed the metal spacer around the tube and was actually able to stay put. Eventually once I was confident the chain was done with its initial stretching I pulled the tensioner and cut 2 links out of the chain. It's much quieter and smoother now and I don't have to live in fear of the tensioner pulling sideways into my spokes.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Man, what a bummer.....

    Those chain tensioners seem to be a real weakness in this design. I don't use the thing.

    But I have thought of mounting it on a strut that reaches from the lower chain-stay to the upper. It wouldn't be hard to make and it would eliminate "rotation".
  5. Mountainman

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    a sad day coming ???

    I hate to think this -- but -- thinking that someone is going to

    die someday

    because of one of these chain tensioners falling into the spokes

    it will not be pretty -------- a sad day a coming ???

    ride that thing careful ---- please
  6. jtmiyake

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    I've seen this posted and the guy who I purchased my motor suggested this. I drilled threw the tube and the tensioner plates. Put a screw threw it with a lock nut on the other end. Now it can not twist into the spokes
  7. echotraveler

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    thanx for your replys guys....im thinking this has a fix...since the spokes didnt break, i could hammer the little wholes and de-bend the spokes....then take it to a bike shop.
    can it be bone?

    make a new tensioner, one that holds on both the lower and upper rear tubes of the frame.

    also, the muffler has to be covered with eshaust wrap, the thing was glowing red last night.
  8. mabman

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    That is until your chainstay breaks because you drilled a hole through it and it ends up in there by default.
  9. jtmiyake

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    If you think so but I do not. I have the chainstay that has the two brackets in the front and a large single piece in the back. I only drill through the back side and it is fairly thick
  10. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    well im not really looking to alter the frame. making things trickier. fun!

    put some classical music on...and relaxed, got the wheel out, get the mb sproket out..clean it a little bit, inspect the damage, 5 riped spokes, non broken, bent them back, then my friend "the hammer" helpped me bang the spoke holes back to size...now the red paint is a bit scratched....

    now i need to get someone to true it..

    are we enemys to road bikers..i sort of dont like theis perfectness. its all new and expensive.. i just came back from a shop, and their mechanic told me he didnt true wheels... he was stoked at my story, and said that probably my hammering was no good, because ones metal gives in to pressure it most likely wont come back....

    i happily disagreed with him, and told him i intend to drink this bike till the last drop..my hammer is a great bike mechanic lol
  11. fetor56

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    Buy youself a descent chain tensioner,or if your going to use the standard tensioner do this:
    Why is the chain breaking....breaking where(the joining link coming apart)......if-so check that the C-clip is placed the right way(rounded side in direction of chain travel)
  12. echotraveler

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    fetor56 thanx for the tip

    the chain was too short, so i bought a chain breaker from sears (didnt fit the 415 chain)
    then went and bought another 415 chain. the new chain was thicker so to make them fit i sanded it to fit the old chain, and had to destory the link on other to take the links i needed...i used 2 joining links to connect everything....i think it was too tight and broke one of the "joining links"...now i had to figure how to use the chain breaker...i forced it to work, damaged the tool but got it together for another run...

    this time the pressure riped 5 spokes and broke the last joining link...now i dont have joining linkes...so i guess ill have to buy that from sick bikes and a chain breaker and maybe even all the motor hardware.

    what do you think?
  13. fetor56

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    Sounds like your in "unchartered waters" when it comes to chains......start fresh.
    I'm assuming your in the US......one of your large hardware stores(can't remember which,maybe Lowes) sells lengths of the correct #415 chain...hopefually someone will chime-in with where to get it.
    Failing that pick the best section(best fit/condition) of the chain u have available & buy another section,make sure the joining link is correct & join them together.If your not comfortable joining them yourself take them to someone who can(eg,motorbike shop)
    Consistency is CRITICAL in chains.
  14. tomaz

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    I had the same problem with the tensioner being too big. I wrapped the chainstay tube with a piece of an innertube and then wrapped that with electrical tape. That closed the gap and kept it from pulling to the inside.
  15. echotraveler

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