1st build almost done except for a couple problems

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by impression, May 1, 2008.

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    Gday everyone well im making my 1st bike and yah having a few problems.

    1. The Chain. I cannot for the life of me turn those bolts that i have to to take the cover plate off to put the chain on. It's so hard. ive even tried my electric drill and anymore and i'm worried i'll completely strip it. any tips on this

    2. The throttle

    I'm having trouble setting up the handlebars part of the throttle. i'm unsure how i'm supposed top do it as i think i might be missing a part

    I have the handlebar with the whitish plastic end where the cable gets around. but i think i'm supposed to drill a hole somewhere but i dont want to screw it up by guessing.

    3. the kill switch, i hear theres a more safer way to wire this thing up without using the blue wire that shorts out the spark/ignition thingy.

    any other tips are greatly welcomed thankyous

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    You can go to the auto parts store and get some valve grind compound and apply some to the tip of the screwdriver, this will give you twice the screw gripping power.
    For the throttle, you can file down the nub instead of drilling a hole in the handle bars.

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  4. will_start

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    I found the only way I could get those nuts to turn, was to use an impact
    driver, as it gives it a quick hard turn.

    As said in PM, as we're both in Sydney, I could come round
    to assist fine tune ya bike.

    Hopefully you're not out west, as I am in the East.
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    i'm in the out west i'm afraid. I got this bike as a stop-gap measure between saving up the rego + insurance for my car ( looking @ $1000 minimum ) but i think ill probably use this as my main transport if it's as cool to ride as people/pics/vids seem to suggest.
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    It's probably better to get an impact driver cos if u stick with this your gonna use it again on other projects....their not expensive($16,SuperCheap Auto)
    If i don't wanna buy an impact driver get a screwdriver the CORRECT size & place it in the screw & give it a few sharp taps with the hammer(sharp taps not excessively hard)
    Try to undoe it then.
    Also try putting a pair of vice grips on a screwdriver and while your pushing down on the screwdriver turn the vice grips at the same time.
    BTW,sounds silly but i hope your trying to undoe them anticlockwise.
    Here's a better/safer kill switch idea:http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=8579
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    rofl, yah i am un-doing them anticlockwise. I'm a computer technician by trade, in a day i probably undo more screws than some random person does in their life :/

    So, i get my big screwdriver. lay bike down on its side and hold stead. few taps with the hammer and we are sweet ?

    i don't have any vice grips im sorry to say and half my socket sets have been pinched over the last few years and i have $10 in my bank account for another 9 days....

    Thats enough for Fuel :D

    I also have the problem of the chain not fitting on the sprocket properly i need to file it a bit wider, ill see if i can borrow a file off a neighbour or something :/

    but 1st things first, need to get that front plate thing off
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    "few taps with the hammer and we are sweet?"....dunno if were sweet but it's absolutely worth a try....that covers gotta come off cos you've got little chance of threading the chain around the countershaft sprocket in it's present form.
    Also when this is all done get a KMC K910 Extreme Freestyle chain....they fit HT sprockets perfectly.
    Other tips:shorten your fuel line & also add an in-line filter.Grease those 2 gears on the R/H side of the engine with grease mixed with graphite powder.
    Those tips arn't important just yet...the important thing is the removal of that sprocket cover.
    Try to hook-up with "will start" & introduce yourselves and maybe borrow a few tools.
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    I sent an email off to Zbox and hopefully things take a turn for the better soon



    Sent: Fri May 2 16:57


    Priority: Normal

    Replacement parts for my engine

    Type: HTML Msg

    The users email-address has been added to the addressbook

    Gday mate, ***here, we spoke on the phone about my bike and how it is kinda seized or the clutch is faulty. Well i found out after turning the piston and the whole engine over manually and feeding the chain through that the sprocket or the chain is also faulty, i don't think it's the chain though.

    You see when feeding the chain over it wont 'sink' into the sprocket on the motor as the gap between the teeth is too small. Mate, to be honest after spending all day yesturday and about 6 hours troubleshooting on it today i believe i have a lemon motor :/

    I Have gotten the motor to turn ( manually using the small cog connected to the piston ) but the engine itself is really stiff, i'm unsure if there's any oil within the motor's bearings or something

    Something critical is definatily amiss with it mate and i'm definately have 2nd and even third thoughts about the whole thing.

    Is there any chance of getting just a replacement motor that i can strap into my bike and send you the one that i have back ?


    (edited out personal details )
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    yah Will start sent me a PM and rang me today, he was quite helpfull :D

    i'll see if we can meet up some night during the week ( he's not avail on weekends, shame as i have the next 2 days off lol )
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    ok this is annoying, i am contemplating smashing this thing to bits those 3 screws just wont undo.

    I have tried the hammer tap + screws.
    different screwdrivers, philips and flatheads
    tried with the ratchet + screwdriver bits
    tried with a drill + screwdriver bit and still no luck

    this is hopeless
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    hi impression,

    I have been through exactly what you're going through,
    about 6 times over in different aspects.

    here's what I do when I feel like pulling out the sledge hammer:

    I take some timeout to think it through.
    come back with a with a fresh head a fews hours or days later.
    (Depending on how bad the mood is.)

    So did you get the clutch working finally ?

    Those carpest screws on the sprocket cover are so foul.
    They should list a warning on the cover plate saying.

    Use of screw drivers on these screws will result in threading,

    On my first night doing this, my friend the mechanic threaded the screws, we got the clutch working and the chain then got caught on install. I got an impact driver and could then remove the screws. It was my first 2 week wait.

    But, this post is about you. PM me when your around and I'll give you a call.
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    alrighty, i got 2 of the 3 bolts out but the third was too far gone. So i rode my bike 10k's each way to Bunnings and Supercheap Auto and got some suppies

    i got

    replacement bolts
    easy undo tappers top get that last bolt out
    small and strong drill bits to predrill the hole for the easy undo.
    Metal File

    oh i am so broke now :/

    yah going to have some dinner and get onto it a bit later on this evening
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    Ok, got it all off and noe filing down the sprocket teeth. taking some time as i have to do it with a very small file and while the sprocket is still on the engine as i do not have the special tool to take it off.

    It's getting there slowly and i'm going to call it a night.
  17. impression

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    upoading pictures and vids now
  18. impression

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    Ok guys, may people were skeptical about this project and some were skeptics about the kit.

    Well last night on ocau was talking and Bradrogers was interested in my bike, I remembered he lived not far from me as we both went on the OCAUcar cruise last year. I asked if he had a dremel/angle grinder and he said he had them. So here's the results.

    and this morning.

    and She's working

    Now, I took it out for a spin to the local westfields where i picked up 2 more bike locks and went from there to a mates house to show it off as he was doubtfull it's even work.

    I was getting about 40km/hour when i gave it a squirt on the straight and flat parts of the trip but kept it in nice and relaxed cruise mode @25k's most of the way so to 'run in' the engine for the first 500 or so km's.

    I have not connected the Kill switch as after reading a bit it kills the magneto by shorting it every time you use the kill switch. So tomorrow i wire in my own ignition on/off switch.

    The Kit so far has been worth it, and i'm sure most people wouldn't have the trouble that i have had in getting it together, its a tight fit on my bike which made installation tricky but in the end i got there.

    I shall make a step by step video/picture series on how to put one of these kits together this weekend as the pics and instructions on the the Zbox.com.au aren't of great detail and quality.

    I could not have completed this kit without the help of Will_Start of http://www.motoredbikes.com/index.php forums, another Sydney goer who has had problems with his bike and was willing to offer advice and tips when i needed. Also Bradrogers of www.overclockers.com.au and http://forums.overclockers.com.au/index.php for pretty much dropping everything and helped me with his dremel and other random tools to get the sprocket all sweetly lined and cut.

    The kit i would say is worth it, Each kit comes with all you need to get up and running, you might need a couple extras depending on your bike frame mounting.

    A must is to replace all those cheap screws/bolts with high grade steel ones from your local bunnings store.

    Don't use the included "kill switch" it will kill your bike, hence kill switch instead wire a toggle switch of your choosing between the dynamo in the engine and the magneto in the small ignition box.

    get yourself some loc tight to use on all the screws/bolts as they will ratle and come loose over time. Nail polish works well, but use a cheap $2 one, not your GF's good stuff :S

    Zip Ties, you will need about 50 of them, trust me you will. ( good quality ones)

    Inline Fuel Filter, get one of these to save trouble later on down the track.

    On trips take basic tools with you to tighted anything that may come lose.

    get yourself a 10 litre steel jerry can in which you can mix your fuel in.

    Use only penrite good quality oil to avoid smelling badly after your ride.

    get yourself lights and a highly visable jacket if riding in early morning or duck/night. as these bikes are pretty much motorbikes now and can kill you as most bikes aren't designed for these speeds. I Build mine on a strong framed mountain bike as footpaths aren't always flat/smooth and i'll also do a bit of offroading with it

    remember, Act civil and obey the road rules, be curtious and respectful to other motorists and most will treat you nicely in return. Always assume they didn't see you!!!!

    Happy Riding peoples
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    as large once said of my vid that took me three hours to make


    why say alot and dilute the meaning.

  20. Marktur

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    Hi guys,
    I'm having the same issue as you did in the night videos...not quite sure how to get the chain on, or remove links for that matter.

    Can you please tell me (like I'm a little kid) how to do it?