1st build and lovin it

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    What you guys think? The site helped alot, I appreciate it. Your input is also appreciated. Spooky tooth, Gas-bikes, Piston Bikes,Chubby cruizers, Slick Bike parts, all were great shipping costs sucked quite a bit of cash. I guess that is the way it goes. Bike is smooth and runs great. Hit 35 on one quick burst, taking the breakin slow. Still in the first 20 miles run it for 5-10 min with varied low throttle/idle than run it up a bit after its warm if it wants to go. Them shut it down to cool. Running premium/synthetic 20:1
    Thanks guys and girls (if there are any) O ya I tried workin on bikini shots today, doubt if it will fly. Whats this thing worth?

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    It's hard to put a value on someone's pride and joy. What's one man's treasure is another man's trash. If you're trying to sell it, i usually try to get whatever money i put into it and maybe a 45% profit. but if you find the right person you could probably get more than that. but I would just drive the bike and enjoy every last minute. Nice clean build by the way. Depends on who was wearing the bikini if it would fly or not.
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    That's a really nice looking bike; it looks well built, like everything fit right the first time. Nice and clean.
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    build strategy

    I would rather do it right than do it over. I wanted to make it right from the beginning and not have to fix it all the time. I swapped engine bolts and got rid of the phillips heads. Been torking everything after ridding. Not sure how you justify phillips heads for crank case assembly? I took my time, and got help and did research when I needed it. Up front I either wanted to full on custom scratch build, or second option was to make it look factory manufactured box stock out the door. I think you can figure out which one I chose.
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    Looking good...

    Yeah...looking good. The bike that is! That's the way I like too build mine as well, nuthin' wrong with that! Clean mo-sheen.
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    That looks good, you might want to raise the muffler tip though, to save it from damage.

    If you bend the header so the muffler angle matches up with the downtube angle it will look neater also.

    Then run a stay to the BB area, it helps damp vibrations.