1st build: brake and gearing thoughts

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by cherrybombking, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. so, after reading just about everything i could find on this site about the topics in the title, think that i have decided to go with a cruiser frame, 3 speed internal hub, and coaster-rear/disk-front brake set up. here is my logic:

    the three speed internal allows me the ability to have more than a single speed if i ever need to pedal the bike for more than just starting it. kind of like a back up plan for getting home if i would need it. heaven forbid. 7 speeds would be a better back up, but is probably overkill, and most of those set ups have rear rim brakes, which wouldn't work well for me.

    the ability to stop quickly has saved my life, so brakes are most important. as a motorcycle guy, i am really trying not to vary the control set up too much from what i am used to. by having rear coaster/front disc, this allows me to activate the brakes in a manner that is familiar (right hand, right foot) and translates back/forth easily, while still having very solid brake capabilities. i do like the idea of having the power of a rear rim, but would hate to risk grabbing the wrong left hand lever in a panic situation. the dual-pull set up is really cool, but i just can't wrap my head around not having separate front/back control.

    the bikes that i am looking at fit these needs nicely, and i plan on ordering sometime next week. If anyone sees any flaws, or if i have overlooked something, PLEASE let me know.


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    prezactly. if it wasn't the ideal arrangement, it wouldn't be used on (almost) every motorcycle everywhere...i use r-coaster/f-drum and love it. did i miss the part about what engine you're after, or do you prefer this remain a bicycle-topic?
  3. any good motorcyclist knows that, at speed, the front is where all your stopping power is anyway. i had some scary situations in my early years where i locked up the back tire and it did some things that weren't exactly helpful. and some other more recent situations in which i would have gone through a car window had i not used the fronts in the way that i did. do not skimp on braking power.

    anyway, i am leaning towards the Dax 65. 2 strokes are fun and easy to work on, and that kit seems to be the best bang for the buck. plus they look pretty cool nestled into a cruiser frame.
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    Cherrybombking - Are you thinking that the front brake is on the left hand side? This is how most bikes are made these days, but you can switch that around easily. I ride with the rear brake activated by the left hand, AND I adjust it so there is greater travel before it touches the rim and therefore takes a more force to induce a skid on a dry surface. -- John