1st Build, I'd like to introduce....Gnarley-Davidson

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by ffokazak, May 13, 2008.

  1. ffokazak

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    Hey guys here she is. My first attempt at a motored cruiser.

    Got teh bike for 150$ brand new {7 speed Schwinn 5 star}

    Ape hangers were 7$

    Mx-5 cost me 50$ off of craigslist, and the rest is history. I couldn't get it to run consistent at all. I replaced the Plug, and plug boot. Cleaned the carb, and still nothing. Then I re-adjusted the needle valve in the carb for the fuel mixture. Bingo. She's purring like a kitten now. Perfect!

    Looking forward to lucky number 7. That one will be sick. I'm thinking of starting with a felt 1903.... those are tight. BUT, I gotta get through the next 5 bikes first hahaha!


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  2. Ape hangers really add class to a bike build.
    I like what you did there. Does your friction drive disengage?
    It looks like you bump start it seeing a lack of a pull starter.
  3. turbo/chaos

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    dang man your lucky a mx-5 iv been trying to get one of those for some time now how do they run tell us
  4. ffokazak

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    Ape hangers were a no brainer once i rode up a hill with a pair. Sure makes it easier.

    The friction drive has a clutch that is on the handlebars, that disengages it yes. After a little lube went in the cable its quite easy.

    Yes to bump start as well. It now starts really easily, and I would love to have a pull starter but haven't found one.
    Originally there was a cover that went on the motor but I ditched it. Made it look to space age haha.

  5. ffokazak

    ffokazak New Member

    Turbo chaos,

    Yeah it runs really well. This one was sitting for around 5-6 years I think. When I got it, I tried to unscrew the fitting from the original plastic dorky looking gas tank, and it crumbled in my hands! shows how old that was I guess.

    The truth is it was running like S**T for a week or so, until I found out about the needle valve/gas air mixture in the carb {Don't know what else to call it!}. I went to the bottom spot, and it fired right away. I then went to the top and it fired but didn't run as good. I decided to try it in the middle again, and that seems to be the problem. Maybe it was jammed/not sitting right in there but yeah, she's golden now.

    Fun for sure!
  6. Jman

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    yeah man nice im not too familiar with the mx-5 but looks nice