1st Build, Kaluna Moon Dog 48CC 2 cycle

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    OK, I've got it all together, but still a couple of things that I could use advice on.
    1st, the Tank has a leak, just a drop or two about every minute. I am pretty sure the leak is from the rear threaded mount post, must be a bad weld. My plan is to dry the tank, and try JB weld first, unless I can get some other suggestions.

    Its taken way longer to get this together, due to the lack of a clutch cable assembly. The seller finally got that to me after a little over two weeks. Also the lack of any documentation. Engine is Grubee 48 CC, and mounted on Orange Kaluna Moon Dog.

    I dremeled out a nibble in the rear fender to stop a drive chain rub. Placed lawnmower gas filter in the gas line, and used a 1.5 inch muffler bracket and cold roll steel stock for the front engine mount. These are visible in the pictures.

    I am not sure about the best location for the clutch lever. Currently on the left bar, inside and under the front brake lever. Whats the preference for mounting this?

    Oh yea, What should the plug gap at for one of these little engines?

    The link includes a few pictures, and a short video of the engine after starting. There is a fender rattle in the video that I have since elimanated.

    I will probably take the first ride on it tomorrow or Saturday, so wish me luck, lol.

    Photos and video are here

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    A really fine looking machine!

    Congratulations. No doubt you'll have a blast.

    (particularly good looking engine, by the way)
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    I think I will be remounting the motor on my old Schwinn Suburban on to this bike. I love the look, the wide whitewalls are classic too, however are they hard to keep clean from the oil coming from the motor?
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    oh it's lovely to see a moon dog fixed up as an mb. I just bought my moon dog last night and have it in the living room just so I can stare at it for a while. I think it's a cool looking bike. I like the whitewalls. I really gives it a neat look.

    10EC, your bike looks great! Hope you have a wonderful time on it. Keep writing about your experiences with the moon dog so the rest of us new Kulana owners can learn something :).
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    I added a few more photos, see link in the initial post.

    I took her out on her first trip, and no major problems. I probably only did a mile or two. I have discovered the fenders and original chain guard are pretty crappy and a huge source of noise from the rattle. I am going to do away with the chain guard, and see if I can shore up the fenders to reduce the noise.

    I'm already wishing I had went with a 70CC instead of a 50CC. The hills here in east tennessee are frequent and often steep. I have found with my initial tests that after reaching an incline of 15 degrees or so, more pedal assist is required.

    The repair on the leaky gas tank went well. I just sanded the area and cleaned with alcohol, and applied a little JB weld. After letting it sit up and harden over night, I sanded the applied JB weld and repainted. Leak gone :)

    I also tidied up the cables and wires, replaced the plug wire, lowered the seat to the lowest position, raised the handle bars about an inch and re tightened everything.

    I suspect the white wall tires will be hard to keep clean. I will try liberal amounts of Bleachy White and tire foam, lol.
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    Glad everything went ok on your first trip out! I here ya about the fenders. They do some rattling until you tighten them. At least mine stopped rattling when I tightened them up.

    I know about the hills in Tennessee. I'm lucky that I live in west Tennessee where it's flat for the most part. Good news there for me. Maybe you can find someone who wants to swap motors? You never can tell. I'm not great at this stuff but maybe you can get a different sprocket that's better for climbing hills?

    Anyway.... glad that your first trip was an enjoyable one. Hope it keeps up too!
  7. 10EC

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