1st build, Micargi Mustang w/ 48cc Grubee Skyhawk

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bakerbrah, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. bakerbrah

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    I have a stretch cruiser I bought off a neighbor for $140... It's brand new, came off the showroom floor at a Harley dealership. I have added an aftermarket headlamp, tail-light and mirror. It is my only means of transportation (happened upon it while walking my dog) and isn't very good on the up-hills so I decided to mororize it. Just got a little 2010 48cc Grubee Skyhawk kit, because in New Hampshire anything under 50cc is exempt from licencing and registration, and I am on a very limited budget. I just got my first computer (an old lap top a friend gave me) and thank God, because without it I would be on my own with this project. I was able to identify my bike as a Micargi Mustang... definitely isn't to the specs the engine kit manufacturer would recommend, but where there is a will there is a way... I have found some hope on this website in light of seeing pictures of an actual finished project on a custom Micargi Mustang out of Arizona. This should be quite the challenge for my first build... ain't no Huffy! :cool2:

  2. bakerbrah

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    ...actually, I jokingly refer to it as my "Huffy Davidson"...you don't see many of these on the east coast; I get a lot of looks, or at least it does.
  3. azbill

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    welcome :)
    please take lots of pics of your build (always cool to see pics !!!)

    I hope my stretch gave you some usefull ideas ;)
  4. bakerbrah

    bakerbrah New Member

    Will do! I am waiting on some parts from spooky tooth at the moment, and have to fabricate a mount as well... a trip to Home Depot and Napa are in my near future. I will keep you posted, and thanks again Bill.

    Take care, Matt
  5. bakerbrah

    bakerbrah New Member

    ...got the 415 HD chains today; think I went a little overboard, not idea how I will have clearance.
  6. A_FITZ

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    Please post pics when your done!
  7. bakerbrah

    bakerbrah New Member

    My project is coming along; slowly but surely... the engine mounts are complete; just waiting on the chain tool I ordered. I'm looking for a rear luggage rack and can't seem to find anything that will fit a Micargi Mustang... the rear tire sits so high over the seat post and drop out tubes that none of the racks I have looked at will fit. Anybody have any ideas? Pics to be posted soon!