1st build Replica Fastest Indian?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jackofalltrades, May 23, 2010.

  1. I love the old bikes but can't afford to restore an original antique M/C so looking at some old bikes I thought about the Worlds Fastest Indian and felt that might be a good starting point. Another build might be one of the old bicycle turned motorcycle types like a B&H or Indian etc. If I can afford a Morini I will do The Fastest Indian build. right now looking for plans to build a custom gas tank. I was thinking about using an old Coleman stove gas tank,one of the real old cylindrical tanks and modifying the cap and fuel pickup. I find these at yard sales all the time cheap.
    The frame I am starting with is an old cantilever style no brand name. It has under gone a mountain bike transformation as I have added canitlever brake bosses and a shock fork and changed the drivetrain to 21 speeds. It is being stripped down now for a repaint and then the engine kit. Haven't decided on which engine, but I think it may be a part time commuter bike 23 miles one way on back roads, mild hills.
    Another idea my son wants to build is a steampunk style motored bike. :eek: