1st build scheduled upon return from afghanistan

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  1. Troy Kviz

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is troy and I am from Chicago and currently in afghanistan in the marine corps. I saw an article on motorized bikes today in a random magazine laying around our motor pool and I thought it was really cool so I figured I'd check out this site and see where I can go from here. Im planning on buying a bike and kit soon and having my buddy hold onto the stuff for me till I get back any recommendations for motor kits components?


  2. Anton

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    There's a lot of info here on which motorized bike kit to buy - hit up the search bar and type "what kit to buy" or something similar. There's also the vendor reviews section where you can find the dealers recommended based on forum members experiences with them.
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    Hi Troy, take your time and read..and look at the pics, the two strokes motors are smaller and easier to install..but you have to deal with a clutch from what I see on most of them...I'm going a harder route installing a 4 stroke on a tandem...it does make you think when you come across problems and how to solve them..I've looked at other people's projects to get some ideas on how to solve mine...take your time and make sure everything is perfectly aligned...having a bike stand makes the job a whole lot easier..you can run the pedals like you're riding without having to move the bike and you can watch how things are working to make sure everything is right. The stand also makes it easy to work on the bike, you don't have to bend over all the time.
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    Welcome to the forum. Be safe. Semper Fi!