1st build, Take 1; Maiden Voyage, Take 2

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  1. L's M-B

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    Hey MB community,
    Just wanted to post updates on my build. Started as a simple beach cruiser, but due to a simple fender tab I've decided to build it right(safe). The pics are from about 30days ago through today. Thanks for checking it out. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy. Always wear a :helmet:!

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  2. pickled

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    looks great so far! what bike and engine is that? also what happened to the orig fork!?
  3. L's M-B

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    Fender Tab

    I was on my way to work when the tab that supported the fender snapped and jammed the front tire. Talk about traction! Because the bike literally stopped on a dime, bent the cheapo metal(aluminum)forks and slammed the bike over me in a pendulum motion.