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  1. Tibilt

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    I saw what I thought might be a good host bicycle in a pawn shop half the price of new. Looks showroom new.

    Here be the link.


    Would the fat frame tubes be a problem for @ 50 cc two cycle motor?

    Special motor mounts or not a good idea?


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  2. dougsr.874

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    DO NOT, DO NOT , DO NOT try to motorize this bike......the standard rear sprocket that come with these kits cannot be mounted to this rim.....(spoke arrangement).....gas tank brackets will not fit (too small)......29" rims tend to pull the spokes out if motorized..
  3. butre

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    it can be done but you won't be able to use some of the kit parts. an 8 hole mini bike sprocket with around 48 teeth should do the trick for the rear sprocket, though you may end up just ripping out spokes. you might have to make your own motor mounts and find a different gas tank as well. of course at this point you may as well start with a more reliable and powerful engine like a predator 79cc. theres no telling how well those bearings in the wheels might last, my first build had a cheapo Chinese front that were shot after about 60 miles
  4. wheelbender6

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    You can use perforated steel strap to mount the fuel tank on the fat top tube (plumbers hang drain pipe with it). From the comments above, it sounds like that 29er may not be the best choice for a first build. A Cranbrook or similar bike would build easier.
  5. Timbone

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    In the archives on this site, I found a beautiful build of this model of bicycle, the Genesis Onyx. The builder had to fab a hanging gas tank (he did a spectacular job) and the overall result is amazing.
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  6. butre

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    if you can find or make a manic mechanic type adapter that will match the spoke pattern then the potential for ripping out spokes will be pretty much gone.