1st chopper build, wasted bike.

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  1. sphynx.0029

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    Well I got this thing from a kid in the local area for $10. cause I have wanted one since our first build. which suffered a snapped frame, while in use. I wasn't sure if it would clean up enough to look good but, after a few hours of hobbying, you can see where she is headed.

    Only way I could figure to mount the motor requires a trip to a welder to have a few mounting pipes installed and then the rest shouldn't be too hard.


  2. hurricane billy

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    your triple tree (forks) look to me to be on backwards. i would like to see the tire set forward not to the rear .
    should be a fun prject , good luck and happy motor n
  3. AussieJester

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    That be an OCC or a WestCoast Choppers chopper? One of my fav builds here on MB is BrettMavriks OCC custom chopper-->


    Might give you some ideas anywayz

    BEst of luck

  4. sphynx.0029

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    actually does help seeing how to rerun ten bike chain to miss the motor. thanks.
  5. sphynx.0029

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    oh and it is a west coast chopper.
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    Michael (sphynx.0029) my son and I are both doing a new bike project (last one cracked the frame in two. Yes the front end was installed incorrectly, I wonder if the kid that did it could ever figure out why it had NO turning radius. Having bars wielded tomorrow to mount the engine, I found a what I felt was a good deal on a Huffy Cruiser $20.00. It has a vintage working speedometer and a seat for my big azz (Wal Mart...I call them China Mart.. wants $24.00 for the seat alone)..and E-Bay has the speedometers for $15.00 and up. Bike is rough but workable without too much trouble.

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