1st Cruiser project

Here are some pics of my basic install on a cheap but sturdy Target Schwinn. Total project cost-bike, motor, oil/gas and accesories under $300. This is probably as inexpensive as it will get for all new parts install (including bike), but it is worth every penny for how much fun and satisfaction I get out of my creation, not to mention the looks I get. It's still going to get a custom cup holder on the handlebar, which will push it over the $300 mark-but for something I can cruz around town on all day for a couple bucks in gas and gives me a cheap thrill....you do the math :p




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11:05 PM
Apr 27, 2007
That's a sweet ride! I like the basket. I had a rack on the front of my Schwinn and it came in VERY handy.



That is a very good looking cruiser...Nice job, jmacpi33. A cup holder, now there's a great idea.....I gotta get one too. Show us a pic when you get yours mounted. I did notice your RH bar looks a bit crowded with the twist grip throttle and twist grip shifter. My cruiser had a twist grip shifter too. I found it awkward to use the shifter with it so close to the throttle grip...so I ditched it and found a stem shifter from an old ten speed in the garbage dump (I like anything that's free) and mounted it near the LH grip. I guess it's not as high tech as the twist shifter, but it works good and all I ever use is first for starting and sixth for helping on hills, so loosing the indexed shifter was no big deal. Where did you get your basket? None of the stores round here seem to stock them and I sure wouldn't mind one.



Man O Man! That has got to be the hottest running 80-cc engine running. Just look at the burnt grass under the pipe! WoW


nice looking set up. what type of engine is this. did you buy a complete kit? thanks, from a newby


There is a built-in fuel filter in the petcock, but I was thinking about using an inline filter, i have one but I was going to use it on my next bike? The engine is an 80cc applebigusa special (but it's really a 70cc) with centrifugal clutch kit. The engine is great and I have had no problems with it...the install was almost too easy, I am sure my next bike will give me hell. Lotsa_mpg: it is crowded, but I just leave it in the middle gear to get things started, AND I have an extra basket, but its white. I would be willing to trade for some parts? Or you may want to check Walmart.

My next motor is on its way, and my next bike wont be so basic. I want the next BIKE OF THE MONTH!!