1st Friction drive kit!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Miles2Go, Jul 19, 2012.

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    My wife and i went on 20mile ride we just got back and it was a blast!!! I rode my skyhawk and she rode our new bumblebee and it was great. I was a little bit faster but it was just beautiful out!! Does anyone know where to get a gas tank from? The tank last me 13miles. I read another post on here were the guy uses a bottle from a hobbie shop used for nitro. Im gonna get one tommorow. These things are just to much fun! Does anyone know where to get good tire for friction drive. Thanks Guys!!!

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    Don't know if they make a tire size to fit your bike (you didn't say what kind of bike) but I love the Continental Gatorback Hardshells. They have a slick top with side grooves, low rolling resistance, and excellent puncture resistance (3 ply kevlar). They are kinda pricy, around $65 retail, but with some judicious shopping you might find a deal. I found a pair at a closeout sale for $70.
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    Check out the new drive wheels if you haven't already. They work alot better than the delrin wheels. Mine goes through grass and dirt and doesnt slip at all. It will run the moist roads but not soaked. Check out the low rider tire from wally. Heres a pic of one of my rims with the tire. It works great! Good Luck! I would look into 13gauge spoke rims also. There just alot safer than the stock wally rims. dfdsaf.jpg
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    When im stopped the drive wheel sits off the tire so it doesn't matter if rev up the engine. I still wouldn't though. dont need to abuse your kit. lol
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    I got one of there drive wheels and they do work really good. I have out alot of miles on this thing and its holding it own thats for sure. The low rider tires work good? I might check one out thanks! Is there a specific brand?
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    An aluminum or stainless water bottle works for a fuel reserve. Since I run my Tanaka 32cc pretty much wide open, the stock tank gets me about 20-22 miles before i get worried, and my water bottle doubles that.