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    Hello all,
    Well I finaly took the time to register, Been luking for a week or so. I must say I am looking foward to being able to contribute to the forum & comunity soon.
    I have been very impressed in the quality of all the builds I have looked at so far.

    I am also interested in racing in any form. I saw the Spooky tooth "Death Race" & thought it looked like a blast. Economical good clean fun.
    I am hopeing this will grow into a club level activity simular to the motocross scene in the early 70's.

    I have been building ellectric powerd bikes lately but just took delivery of my first 49cc kit engine. I have a long background building & tuning 2 stroke race engines. It will be fun seeing what we can do with these lil motors.
    (don't worry, I do not advocate any thing "illeagle" for on road usage)
    see ya'll around. T

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    Welcome to the forum. I will be building an electric bike soon so tell us about your e-bikes.