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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by kanepp, May 12, 2008.

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    Just got my BoyGoFast kit today. Most of it was pretty self-explanatory, even though the directions were completely unhelpful. However, the clutch has been giving me a few problems. The clutch is sticking straight out from the bike and won't rotate to the left when the clutch lever is pulled. Also, I cant thread the chain through the sprocket on the engine because the sprocket wont turn at all. Are these things normal? If not, is there anything I can do to remedy the situation?

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    First off I have attached a photo for reference. This is how the clutch arm should look when installed. There is a retaining pin in the sprocket cover that keeps the arm from coming out. Take that cover off and rotate the clutch arm where it is pointing toward what would be the center of the bike. You should now be able to slide it out. If you can slide it out now you can try reinstalling it. Be careful not to lose the small bearing that is past the clutch actuating pin that your clutch arm depresses.

    As far as threading the chain. What I typically do is remove the plug and then turn the motor over to allow you to thread the chain. I think the easiest way to turn the motor over is to remove the magneto cover and use a wrench to turn the motor over. I have also attached a photo of that. While you are in the magneto make sure it is clear of debris.

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    Thanks Ghost, that should help with my chain problems. what should the inside of the clutch assembly look like? Any pictures of that? I think that is where the problem is. I couldnt reattach the clutch in the same way, it just kept going back to the same position.
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    Try removing the clutch actuating pin in the middle of the sprocket and use a magnet or turn the motor over to see if maybe they put 2 balls behind the pin. That would cause it to stick out too far not allowing your clutch arm to rotate enough to go into position. If that isn't it I am stumped. Hopefully another member can solve your problem.