2,100 mile Trail - Mobile to Ontario

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    Adventure Cycling Association maps page:


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    The canada section of this ride looks like it uses some of the bruce trail that runs from niagara falls area to owen sound I have ridden on it many times with my old mountain bike and it is a beautiful, well maintained trail
    just watch for low tree branches around blind corners haha I saw someone crack a helmet in two that way :lol:
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    Damn sounds like a fun run just wish it were 2008 already, wife has said no trips till baby gets here. july 14 2007 is what the doc said,
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    i'll ride the niagara area in ontario with ya
  5. I'd love to ride that trail.
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    it's awesome so beautiful there are some parts you'll have to carry the bike on your back though
  7. why?

    why how bad are some of those parts that you have to carry your bike , is it just flooded out or the terrian just tha bad.:rolleyes::)
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    terrain is too steep to ride up