2.8 hp Lifan 4 cycle engine,wheel/parts,sprockets

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    Hello forum members,

    I have a few MB parts/ odds,and ends for sale of the following items:

    One 2.8 HP Lifan 4 cycle engine- good used condition,but never been used in my project!

    One 26 inch,36 hole Sun "Mammoth" rim-black anodized,never used!

    One 20 inch Sun brand rim-Black Anodized,never used,36-hole!

    One mongoose 26 inch mtb wheel-needs 36 hole rim trued(slightly out of round laterally between few spokes!),new bearings,but otherwise no chips/scratches!

    Lastly,2 clamshell-mounted sprockets-one 44-tooth with 6 mm,9-bolt pattern,and one 44 tooth with 8 mm,9-bolt pattern(have the rag-joint mount kit for only the 8 mm sprocket for sale)!

    Serious only,and ALL wheel/parts are best offer;the 4 stroke Lifan I will sell for $65 ,or best offer!!:whistling:

    btw,the Lifan comes in black paint,complete,but WITHOUT centrifugal clutch!!
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  2. Clamshell

    Hi I'd like to see a pic of the clamshell mount, and your price? PM me if you like?

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    Re:reply to clamshell mount picture

    HI motorbikemike,
    I have uploaded a picture of what my clamshell mount looks like;
    the picture is directly from the online mb store I purchased the advertised clamshell mount!!

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  4. clamshell

    Hi robo, that is the standard rubber mount system that I have plenty of. I thought you had the 2-piece unit that clamps on the center of the hub