2 cycle engine 49cc etc.

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  1. rcoldtmr

    rcoldtmr New Member

    I'm going to purchase a 2 cycle out of China.
    Which one should I get? I'm going to use it for low speed
    power assist with a 56 T for steep hills and mountain roads
    here in TN, NC and VA. It will be going on a recumbent.

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  2. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Hi Lloyd,

    Are you choosing a "Happy Time" motorcycle-looking engine or a weedwhacker-type utility engine?

    Then you'll have to choose which kit, friction/belt/chain drive you want.

    So many engines, so little time.:sweatdrop:
  3. rcoldtmr

    rcoldtmr New Member

    2 cycle

    Chain driven. 56T for these serious hills. The china engines
    look good. Just wondering if some of the kit engines are better
    than others.

  4. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Hello Lloyd,

    I'm guessing you're wanting an engine that mounts in the frame of the bicycle and looks somewhat like a motorcycle. If so, we call these "Happy Time" engines. You can check the "Frame Mount Forum" or the "Two Cycle Forum" for information on them. Also the "Vendor Review Forum" can give you great information on who sells the best and who to avoid.
  5. Axlerod

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    Hi LLoyd: I also have ventured into the non-conformist world of recumbents and find they can really shine in performance & comfort.
    There are some excellent kits out there, but all are not easily adapted to fit recumbents. I've mounted Grubee 2 stroke 49cc engines to cruiser & MTB frames & they seem to be reliable but w/ considerable vibration. The 2 stroke kits could possibly be mounted inside a recumbent frame but would most likely require extensive modification. Some recumbent frames may have enough room . Most motorized recumbents have rear rack mount engines but will cost more . Two good systems Staton (chain drive, they even have axle mount) & Golden Eagle GEBE ( belt drive). Both smooth & reliable. Staton heavy duty , GEBE lighter & smoother.
    I hope this helps Greeting Gt reynolds
  6. rcoldtmr

    rcoldtmr New Member

    Yes, that's what I want...and on a recumbent. I have a couple of LWB's,
    thats how we say long wheel base, as in Tour Easy. That and an SC-Light
    that has an aluminum frame and is open under the seat. That's the one
    I'm hoping will work out. I'm putting a 56T chain ring on the wheel now
    while I wait for the engine kit to arrive that has a 44T chain ring in it.
    I'm a shade-tree mechanic and this is fun for me. Any way, I like the
    "easy chair seat" of the recumbent bikes/trikes and will eventually have
    an engine on one. I have been reading the forums that you suggested and
    like them a lot. Thank you.

    Greene County TN 37809
  7. rcoldtmr

    rcoldtmr New Member

    Nice, thank you. Have accumulated several over the years and one or
    more expected to work well. The Bacchetta Agio would maybe work
    with a rear mounted engine. It has disc brakes.

    I hope to pedal as before and have assist on these long steep grades.
    The quarter mile 12% grades are of no consequence, but when they
    go to a mile, that is boring. So, hope to be on the Blue Ridge Parkway
    TN, VA and NC this Fall. I'll be watching the Harley's go by, but will
    see more of nature...hopefully, that's my goal. I'll keep you posted.

    Greene County Tn 37809
  8. kerf

    kerf Guest

    There are several vendors on this site that can supply you with an HT engine, of relatively good quality. I say "relatively good quality" because these Chinese engines are of limited quality at best. Also, mounting one on a recumbent would be challenging at best.

    I will agree with Axlerod, that another option might result in a easer and more durable build. I would recommend only one drive unit, one which I have experience with and that would be a Staton chain drive.



    David Staton's gear boxes are renowned for being bullet proof and that coupled with a high quality Robin or Honda engine, should give you many years of reliable service. Dependability on long rides is worth a lot to me.
  9. rcoldtmr

    rcoldtmr New Member

    Yes sir, I'm paying attention. Registered at Staton and will follow
    up with a phone call when they open.

    Thank you, I'll let you know how it goes.

    Greene County TN