2 cycle oil redux

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  1. Chris Crew

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    Ok, the long thread about 2 stroke asks some relevent questions, let's try to put together the answers in one spot:

    1) Does the stan dard instruction manual with an HT take American 2 cycle oil into account when it says mix 16:1 for break in and then go to 20:1, or are they actually refering to mixing in standard 4-cycle oil at 16:1 and 20:1?

    2) If the instructions are referring to mixing 4 cycle at 16:1, shouldn't we go 32:1 and 40:1 with 2-cycle oil? (I can only imagine the blue cloud that will result)

    3) If the Chinese can run 4 cycle mixed half as thick as 2 cycle, why can't/shouldn't we?

    It seems a lot more economical to by a quart of 4 cycle for $3 and use it to make up two to four gallons than to buy a half-pint of 2 cycle for $3 and make up no more than a gallon.

    4) Chemists out there, beyond viscosity, what is the difference between 2 cycle oil and motor oil?

    Thanks for your opinions

  2. arceeguy

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    These are questions that we may never know the answers to. (like how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of tootsie pop)
  3. HarryJames

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    I don't know better . But i think its depend on engine some engine wants oil and some engine wants motor oil .