Carby 2 cycle throttle issues

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by VonGutenburgensteinenhoff, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. So when I pop the clutch the engine starts up and runs fine but when I twist the throttle forward absolutely nothing happens. Does this sound like a simple fix or will I have to get a new carburetor. Also, I'd like to make sure I'm using the choke correctly. When it is lowered it is in the running position and when raised vertically it is in the starting position is this correct? Thanks for any info I'm very new to these bikes.

  2. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the throttle barrel is installed backwards in the carb, or the cable isn't connected inside the carburetor. Could be you forgot a part and it's too loose (too much slack in carb) or the idle is so high that you aren't actually doing anything because it's already at max throttle.

    Take off the top of the carb (where the cable goes in) and peek around for the blindspot
  3. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    possibly just a language thing, but throttles usually twist backward toward the rider
  4. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had the same thought but for all I know he's left handed, prefers the throttle on the left side.
  5. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    Thats opposite for choke operation,and why does the throttle twist forward?
  6. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    on NT style carbs choke lever is down for normal running

    loosen screw holding carb on, pull it back & turn it sideways so you see the slide, twist throttle & see if slide goes up
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  7. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    My carburetor has 3 adjustable settings, I'm getting my carbs messed up probably.

    Eh, friend of mine said he was left handed mostly because of a wrist injury and already being left handed. He had an old polar with some junk Russian parts boxed in to work which was nice because they had oddball oil distributor type whatever. So you can imagine how nice to install left handed throttle made be some specialty parts, then because of an odd shaped oil pump a second lever could be added to act as a pop clutch.

    He could ride with his right hand duct taped to the handle bars if he had to.

    YouTube this stuff if your confused about carburetor parts, it's usually pretty informal as to what is what, also explains what happens when you do a certain thing.

    Video movie watch watch bike pieces...