2 Cylinder-2 Stroke Problems

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    Marathon 037-2.jpg I could get the engine to run great on either cylinder but not on both. The problem turned out to be, It had a two coil magneto with a fly wheel for a single coil twin engine. So to solve this situation I would either need a twin single coil magneto; or a twin flywheel. After searching quite a bit, I could find neither.
    my only option was to install a standard twin(motorcycle coil). However this requires a battery to operate. I installed a 6 volt 12Ah battery and got both cylinders operating properly. I built a box below the seat to house the coil and a box mounted on the stem to house the battery & kill switch.

    The bike rides well but is a bit tall for me; as I am short. Marathon 038.jpg Marathon 043.jpg Marathon 046.jpg
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