2 Into 1 Brake Lever



Now thinking I am going with a Spooky Tooth motor, bit more $$$ but more parts, and cheaper ones too...

One thing I found is the 2 into 1 brake lever, seems really neat, is only $12's and is adjustable (I assume you want much more power up front compared to the back, so you dont loose traction in the back)...

Anyways, it says its a must for any MB without coaster brakes (are those the ones where you peddle backwards?) which I dont think a mountain bike like I would use, would have...

Anyways, does it work well? Seems like being able to just grab it real quick would be easier then grabbing front and rear, while remembering to be lighter on the rear (its adjustable so it would do that for you)....

Does it replace both brake levers?

I am not totally familiar with the placement of brakes, clutch and how all that stuff works but it seems like it could be a bit simpler with just one brake lever...

Thanks for any and all info!


there is an MBc-Member Review of that item: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=7760

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