2 or 4 stoke ????

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    hi all...first real post here...i am just getting into the motorized bike scene....will be using my bike for commuting and errand running....would like to use a frame mounted belt drive so i can use carriers and panniers..any thoughts on 2 vs 4 stroke, which engine...i am saturated with information....help!!!!!

    i am stating from square one...any info would be appreciated !!!!!!

    nova scotia

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    There is nothing like the small and compact dimensions and lower weight of the 2-stroke engine with a SickBikeParts shift kit.
    These engines will give long life if treated respectfully, together with the following upgraded accessory items: Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake system and the Jaguar CDI with adjustable ignition curves.
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    If you want speed go with a 2 stroke if you want reliability go with a 4 stroke if you got the cash go with an American made kit regardless of which one you get.
    To make it simple a 2 stroke would be like a sports car were a 4 stroke would be more like a truck if that makes any since to you
    Also do yourself a big favor and go the the vendor review are so you know witch dealers to stay away from.
    Take it from me I did not do that and found this form only after almost getting riped off on eBay, thanks to this site I got 4 stroke kit I love .
    Now if you go with the 4 stroke you will need a wider crank some kits come with them some do not. enjoy the form

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    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated
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    Thanks for the feedback.most helpful