2 piece rims with pressed bearings: removal help

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by VROOM, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. VROOM

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    Does anyone have any tips and/or links to tools that are good for this? I have a Bladez Moby S scooter and both sets of wheel bearings are seized up. I took it to Les Schwab and they tried a hydrolic press on it and they were barely able to get one of the bearings to budge.

    Short of taking the rims to a machine shop is there anything I can do? :confused:

    I have done a lot of searching and there just doesn't seem to be any discussions on this problem.

  2. Anton

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    Bearing removal is a pain in the arse...

    Have you tried getting the bearing really cold so the metal contracts?

    I use the "get angry" method:

    1. Get a hammer and chisel to cut and smash the bearing up and pull it out piece by piece.

    2. Accidently hit your hand instead of the end of the chisel and end up throwing the hammer across the shed.

    3. Go and pick up hammer and repeat step 1 until the bearing is free. :veryangry:
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    Sounds like my method of doing things...:stuart:
  4. DeathProof

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    lmfao anton!! sounds like me