2 questions about editing.



from a PM.

How can one edit pics or add later? Seems we could do that at one time.

As to Bold Titles

Seems some titles are bold, but you intimated that was a no-no, so can you explain how to do like others or what I am not doing to match others?

It really is not a biggie, just curious.


BTW that stuff under the GEBE Dooz etc is really outstanding.
we've reduced editing premissions to one day from when you post...people were going in and changing the OP and the rest of the topic would make no sense. to add new pics, simply post a "reply" to your own topic with the new content.

the topics in bold are ones that have new posts since you last visited.

folks, PLEASE STOP PM'ing me about forum help topics, read my signature...

"forum-help" topics belong in the "forum help" forum so the whole group can benefit.
"but augie, why did you put this in general-discussion, then?"

to get your attention! because NOONE's using "forum help", and i've been spending way too much time answering off-topic private messages...this is my last attempt, from now on, they really will be deleted w/o a reply.

quit taking advantage and start doing for yourself a lil bit more, m-kay?
carp, i should have said the author of the pm i referred to was an example, but i wasn't trying to specifically pick on him, either...it just needed to be addressed, again.
I Did Not Mind the comments - only just noted -not bold

Good way to do it; saves time.

I simply had question, after a couple of failed attempts at doing stuff, and asked. (I posted and messed up pic and could not add later and so on.)

The board had changed protocols and I had not noticed. It is generic shell and got it confused with a couple others that are the same, but have different protocols.

I will get it eventually. Some of these sites allow all caps and bold in titles others do not; some allow pics, others only URLs, etc.

Of course, did not mean to seem indulgent with message inquiry.

It is the learning process that counts, if it sticks.
I couldn't care less about the BOLD but I'd really like to be able to edit my posts in a topic I started or even delete a topic I started if I want but then again I don't really post much anymore since my posts are all absolutely worthless.

Now I pretty much just pop in, look for anything new to read, see some more worthless vents/rants, got annoyed and move on.:)
Well, like any forum I go to I just pretty much take it the way it is or pull back and lurk.

Hmmm, a request for moderation, I suppose that could be done but it just sounds like a kid yelling "MOM" to me.:LOL: