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    I have a new kit.
    1. How do you take the engine studs out of the casing without damaging the threads?
    2. Underneath the clutch casing, there are two gears, a large one and a small one. On the small gear, there is a large screw in the middle that was loose... is this some kind of adjusting screw? Should I tighten it?

  2. HeadSmess

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    question 2...the screw holds the gear on. get it tight as you can!!

    but...while its loose...take it out and peek at the end of the crankshaft. see the little "notch" or keyway between the shaft and the gear?? look down it. if you CANT see a lump of steel or a "key" filling it up, you have an issue. (its usually about 2-3mm down in the keyway... use a torch)

    if you CAN see the key, quick! replace the screw and do it up tight! everythings fine!

    back to the issue. if you CANT see the key, try looking BEHIND the gear.

    if theres anything sticking out, you need to pull the gear off and get the key back into the keyway. this can be tricky. i suggest you use "search" if so. otherwise it is fairly straightforward. just takes some practise to master.

    question 1.

    get two nuts for the stud. thread both on. get two spanners and tighten them up HARD against EACH OTHER(not to the case or whatever youre pulling the stud from). now try undoing the stud that has 2 nuts locked hard onto it :) easy huh?
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    Another way of removing the cylinder studs, is by pulling the cylinder off. This should be done to start with so you can check for broken rings. Broken piston rings from the factory is not that uncommon. Second you don't need to install the studs, replace them with Metric grade 8.8 (US grade 5). The use of vise grips will do the trick.

    Here are some modifications that should be addressed on these engines.

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    Thanks for the helpful info.
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    To remove studs the easiest way:

    Put two nuts in the stud, using two wrenches same times press one against other, then unlock the stud applying force on the underneath nut counter-clockwise.