2 rear sprocket gears

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    hi dose or has any one put 2 sprockets on the back wheel im wondering if we can put 2 sprockets on and run a deraler like the one on the right side of the bike a mountain bike chain fits the sprockets nicely wonder if it can take the strees tho if its doable to make it a 2 speed any sugestions

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    RE: 2 gears on left ??? or Shift-Kit ...

    From my experience , the engine sprocket cannot tolerate much chain mis-alignment . If you try to run the chain to multiple left side sprockets , you will not be able to keep the chain on . Only one will be perfectly lined up with your engine sprocket .
    Try to explore the shift kit . the engineering is already done . this seems like a better way to go .
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    grate thanks for the info mate i seen russell made made one i seen on the site under old pics looks good