2 sided HUB?? 2 trannys in one hub?? Nuvincy CVT Related

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    Hello Friends,

    is there an internal hub tranny that can handdle 2 independent torques???

    Yesterday i read about the Nuvincy CVT HUB...and i read something about it hving 2 freewheels...i understoob that the hub could handle 2 torques (one fron the left/motor, and one from the right/ Pedals) and combine them with the tranny..

    so i was watching a vid on Youtube, that explanes the tranny a bit better...so now im back to madhouse kit??

    a 3 speed MB should move pretty nice in my noob opinion...are there 4 or 5 speed internal hub trannys???
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  2. echotraveler

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    hello friends,

    More reading around, now its clear that i can have more gears in an internal hub...saw shimanos alfine with disc break.......looks so nice!
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    The only way that you can take advantage of the multi speeds in any of the internal hubs currentaly available is to transfer the output of the motor back to the right side of the bicycle via some sort of jackshaft. Sick Bike Parts has such a system for the Happy Time 2-stroke and are said to be working on a system do do the same for the Honda/Clone 50cc 4-stroke. The other problem with what you describe is that I believe you will find that the multi-speed internal geared hubs have a less that steller record with holding up under the torque applied by the motors used in motorizing bicycles. The Nuvinchi is the exception and seems to have no problems handling the small cc motors we use for our bicycles.

  4. echotraveler

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    i guess your right about that....having an engine pushing a small tranny will most likely destroy .... it seems the nuvincy is great, but finding others that seem good for 1/2 the price....

    ive seen many post now, and feel ashamed of some of mine.....but still it will be worth it when well thought bike makes it on the road...

    right now im thinking of buying a spooky tooth bike, hopefully they can put the internal hub in the kit....if not that would be the first...the engine should be fine pulling the wheel by itself....

    since i wanted a low cc under 50cc engine i thought it would be fine to run it thru the tranny, but maybe its as you say...too much
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    Well, while peddling provides less average power than these motors, peddling applies much more torque than do these small motors.
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    two wheels, set of pedals, one engine.......

    as I looked around -- some of those same thoughts also did appear

    but -- shake it off now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there are just A FEW MAIN REQUIRMENTS HERE

    and I think that we have them ----------

    two wheels, set of pedals, one engine...................

    it's all it takes to ---------- RIDE THAT THING