2 SkyHawk GT2B 48cc Angle Fire Slant Head 2-Stroke Bike Motor Kits

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    Hey San Antonio TX. I have 2 ABSOLUTELY NEW GRUBEE SkyHawk GT2B 48cc Angle Fire Slant Head 2-Stroke Bike Motor Kits (Standard Finish) [SkyHawk-GT2B-48cc-SH-STD]

    Normal (Motor only) Retail Price:
    $309.00 each = $618.00
    Paid Sale Price:
    Motor $159.00 x 2 +Universal Mounts $15.00 x 2 + High Performance Carb x 2 + Shipping $ 51.62 = $ 439.62
    Selling at:
    $300.00 for both Motors with Universal Mounts which is a savings of $ 139.62.
    This is a “You pick it up” deal. Shipping these would be outrageous.

    My wife bought a pair of these as a birthday gift for us but didn't know that we would have to buy brand new bike (hers is a 24” girls bike and mine is a mono-shock MTB – both are not applicable) plus we live in a strict sub-city within San Antonio and they only allow electric bicycles. She had a great idea but we need to go electric plus I am going trike. Trying to return these isn't cost effective. I am selling these so I can outfit her current bike and my to be trike with electrics. They are absolutely unused, still in the box. One of which is still factory sealed and the other one..Hey, I was curious! Just had to peek. No gas or oil has been put in them. They have never been mounted. They have never been ran. Any mechanic can verify this. She also ordered the [Optional: High Performance Carburetor, Gen B]. I am even throwing in the Optional Universal Mounts (she bought them as a “just-in-case”.).
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