2 Small problems and 2 medium problems with the new kit i got

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tylerscool45, May 2, 2009.

  1. tylerscool45

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    I got a 48cc grubee kit and its been pretty good except for these problems
    Small Problems
    1. Clutch is pretty hard to pull
    2. Throttle has a like a little speed bump in it or something

    Medium Problems:
    Gas Leak at the top of the tube once i turn the tank off
    If i dont move and dont throttle for 5 seconds the engine will turn off but i can go into idle and throttle and it will stay on.

    Just seeing if you guys can help me with a few problems!!! Help will really be apprecaited.

  2. crazeehorse

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    if you want to make your clutch lever a little easier to pull, you can remove the small return spring on the cable. there's really no need for it, & it sure makes it easy on your hand.

    Just take your time & check each part of the throttle , look for a frayed cable, or something in a bind, unscrew the throttle assembly at the top of the carb, & see if you still feel it., do a lot of looking, if you don't see anything on the lower end, check your handle end. turn your idle ajustment screw clockwise a 1/4 turn at a time, to see if that takes care of the idle problem. on the gas leak, check the tiny gasket between the tank, & the petcock, maybe a little teflon tape to help seal the threads. do a lot of wiping, & looking to find it.
  3. Junster

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    The tank petcocks that come with the kits aren't very good. Sick Bike sells a great one for $10. Use some teflon tape on the treads. Oh and Crazy good tip on that spring I took mine off after you gave me that tip, it did help and I'm sure it will help on cable life.