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    any 1 tryied this set up freewheel primary drives and secondry drive with ajustable clutch going to try out 1st times later on to day will let u no how it goes !brought a lathe and was board thourt ide try it instead ove out layn cash on my bike as havent spent much at all on it like to make myself and heres a pic ove my new dash on bike that nearly as much as the whole bike cost to build but what a tool lambar sen+rpm=speed=temp and more ill post up pic later site wont work at moment try later ok:cool2:

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    it's really better if you upload the picture to this site; that way, we don't depend on some other site being available for us to display the image.
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    2 speed cvt with pics

    1st gear or primary drive has freewheel mounted to sharft that runs off clutch bell . then on same sharft a secondry sprocket that is welded to sharft .them on out put sharft. primary rear sprocket has another freewheel and on the same sharft a pocket bike centrifical ajustable clutcth welded to it .with a pocket bike clutch bell with rear sprocket mounted to it and it free spins on sharft . so when takeing off 1st set ove spockets work then at the rpm u want with second sprocket ajustable clutch engages and 1st freespins while u r useing second gear anyway thats how ive done it and use can check it out or even try yourself happy buliding :cool:

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    That two speed setup remonds me of some of the minibikes sold years ago. They were slightly different in this respect: the engine had a c-clutch with two identical sprockets . One chain ran to a large freewheel sprocket. The second chain ran to a c-clutch mounted to the same shaft. Once the primary sprocket rotated th secondary shaft fast enough the clutch would grab and the primary would freewheel.

    A two speed setup like this or yours is reall ideal for a motorized bicycle. What engine are you running? It appears to be water cooled.
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    Two speed setup

    Here is a graphic of the g-cart setup.

    TWO SPEED 004.jpg
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    Intresting got to watch this and see how it works...................Curt
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    haveing trouble with clutch engageing 1st gear no worries then when sapost 2 shift 2 2nd gear its like it loads up between both sets ove gears so pulled it down and clutch was slippen and heatn up clutch bell very! hot! . i think to fix it the pocket bike clutch has to go and source out a cluth from something else . was thinkn small dirt bike clutch barsket and hold lever in 4 1st gear and release 4 2nd gear . that way it will not slip and engage with tention and have a little give with cluth plates ? if any 1 has thorts or ideas jump in and let me know or a clutch thats cheap and would be able to mod to mount and work thank u . was thinkn ove getn a evo 2 scooter transmission and goen that way .but dont know how it would hold up with 46cc pollini motor input please