2 stoke lack of lubrication on descents

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by unior, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. unior

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    I've heard this before but If I'm just coasting down a hill no throttle with the engine holding me back at higher revs...could i do damage. Should I run a little throttle down the hill?

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    Its a myth as far as I'm concerned but its your engine and do what you are comfortable
  3. lucas

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    I pull my clutch and coast. makes me think im saving money on gas.
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    I agree, pulling the clutch & coasting's better on the engine and probably safer in general...
  5. HeadSmess

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    meh. im actually running about 40:1 when the book says 20:1....

    3000km+ with no problems.

    and the other day when i removed the barrel to shave it a little(good old extra compression) i dried and cleaned the piston.

    after a few minutes test run, removed exhaust, and piston was nice and oily.

    i go full throttle everywhere. i also have leaned the mixture to be bordering on way too lean. so if its going to sieze, it better hurry up and do it!

    your coasting. throttles closed. engine barely fires. so little or no oil is burnt. engine cools down as its not under load. oil lubricates better when cold... maybe less there, but theres less need for it.

    imho, it would be a VERY STEEP AND LONG hill to get it to seize if your going closed throttle...

    modern oils and materials are slightly more advanced than back in the early days... why are most things now 50:1?

    from your title, it suggests you meant inadequate lube, so thats what ive leant towards, but your post suggests other damage?

    um...regards turning an engine over rapidly.

    the only real issue is "glazing" of the bore, and as the majority of 2bangers these days are chromeplated, that doesnt happen. it happens in iron cylinders. that havent been "run in" properly.

    if your bearings are flogged, theres more strain on them up the hill under load than down the hill, compression braking...

    just rev it!

    standard gearing? you gotta get to 45 mph/60kmh to do 8000rpm.... which is nothing for a 2 stroke, especially a little one!
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  6. unior

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    Well I can't "pull the clutch" since I'm centrifugual but I run 25:1 according to the HF instructions.