Clutch 2-stroke, 3hp Briggs- Clutch wanted

Nashville Geoff

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9:07 PM
Sep 7, 2008

I'm building a motorized bike, using a motor from a snow blower. I'm wanting to find a pulley or belt clutch to fit it. The engine is a model 62032, and the shaft is about 17mm, stepped down to about 16mm where the woodruff key is. Where can I find such an animal? Thanks, Nashville Geoff
Metric confusion

Hello Geoff, I'm gonna bet you, that if you "convert" your 16mm to US, is is going to be 5/8 inch! Now......5/8 is COMMON US size for autto-clutch, pulley, and sprocket, so, go out, shop, and have fun!

Thanks for the links. I found a pulley clutch that would work from TEW, & I'm talking to Max-Torque about possibly one of their timing belt pulley clutch applications.