2-stroke, 3hp, horizontal Briggs scored today!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Nashville Geoff, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Nashville Geoff

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    A customer gave me a cherry Snow King snow blower today, that he hadn't used in years. It has a very small 2 stroke Briggs engine on it, and the cowling says 3 hp. I brought it home, fired it up, and stripped the motor & some accessories off of it. It looks stinkin' new. Has anyone used this engine for a MB build? I'm wanting to build a rack mount, maybe with a centrifugal clutch and two wheels welded together, for a large pulley. Any suggestions? The carb's gotta go, and maybe a better exhaust is in order. Anyone have experience with one of these? It seems like a great motor for a bike. ANY input would be welcome. -Parts sources, hopups, appication, whatever. Thanks, Nashville Geoff

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    For parts, I use ordertree.com - just have the model number of the snow blower handy.

    One of my first motorized projects was a kick scooter that was friction driven with a Tecumseh 4.5HP 2 cycle snow blower engine. Very powerful! Learned that snow blower engines have smaller fans and cooling fins because they were designed to run in cold weather. The kick scooter tended to run hot, but it was never run for long periods anyway.

    I regret parting out the snow blower now, as the engine would have been more useful throwing snow around. Next time, I'll part out something that is not worth repairing.
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    Congrats on a good score.

    What I would try is another 26" wheel welded to my existing wheel. But first I'd locate a belt/pulley I'd be able to use for this setup.

    Maybe you could respoke the rear wheel to pull it further towards the right. This will give you more clearance room on the left side of the dropouts for your rim/pulley. Ya still might have to clearance, depending on the pulley's width.

    So if your rim is 25", a 4" engine pulley will calculate to 6.25:1, which might be good for a 3600 rpm. engine. For a 7200 rpm engine, a much smaller engine pulley would be needed.