2 stroke 50cc in a comfy MTB - Northern VA


I have a 50cc 2 stroke mounted in a 10 to 12 year old Free Spirit Mountain Bike (from Sears, I think). It's not fancy but it's sturdy and fully functional. The bike itself is large frame steelie (i.e. - I'm 5'9 and it's a bit tall for me) with 3 rings up front and 7 in the back - bike rolls on the usual 26 inch knobbies found on many MTB's. The bike is vibrant green (trust me) and is set up for comfort, cushy seat with beach cruiser style handlebars. The bike does not need any work beyond the normal maintenance of any bike, the rear brake pads show some wear - motorized bikes do that. The motor is your typical Chinese 50cc two stroke and it will easily do 30MPH and likely even more (if asked to) but I normally cruise in the low to mid 20's. I believe it has a has a 40 or 44 sprocket but I am not 100%. I am running 20:1 gas to oil ratios so it is very well lubricated. Bike also has a basic computer that appears to work accurately but may have a weaker battery (works, but it's not as clear as it should be ?) I know that these motors are also sold as 49cc and perhaps 48cc, I am not as technical as others on these boards so I wont get into exact displacement - this is what they call it. There's around 150 miles on the motor so it is not a virgin but it is far from old or worn. The kill switch has gone bad on me and the fuel line is "stiff" so it tends to have a drip or two, both these items are easy and inexpensive. The motor can be shut off via the choke or you can just shut the fuel flow as you approach your destination. The bike is fully functional and is ready to ride any distance - it always starts and has never let me down. I am 240lbs and it moves me along very well - if that's not testament enough, I am not sure what is. I've calculated 65 miles (per tank) so that's around 130MPG with 240lbs, I suspect better MPG figures would easily acheived with a more typical physique.

Bike isn't perfect, it is not new - it is ready to ride and I will likely ride it this evening. It is safe and performs as designed. The addition of new rear pads and fresh fuel line and kill switch will make it as perfect as a bike a dozen years old can be ... but even without, I ride it regularly and enjoy every minute of it. It runs smoother (especially at speed) and more quiet then my newer 70cc which has around 50 miles on it.

I am only selling because I already have 2 two-stroke MTB's - I want to attempt an electric bike project and I need to thin the herd as to not upset the wife. Having three motorized bikes and two kids and an angry wife in a townhouse - not very smart.

First $200 takes it - I am in Northern VA in the Fairfax/Burke area near George Mason University. I do not have pictures but will attempt to take some shortly - test rides are welcome on dry weekend days only (it's muddy behind my town house) ... send me a private message in advance so I can have her ready for you. I am a reasonable person but no low ballers or tire kickers please - everyone on these boards is pretty fluent in motorized bike speak - we all know what things cost so please do not expect something for nothing. I'd prefer to spend time with my two young kids than hang out shooting the breeze - don't get me wrong, I love bench racing but if you say you wanna buy and that's why we're talking then please buy.

Willing to consider interesting trades if you have a decent bike I can motorize or if you have a new BD36 or BL36 electric hub motor or a new 48V battery - we can talk. You can also do cash + bike labor for me as I always have some form of work to be done on a project or another. I have a 10 year old HARO Vector V1 (old school rigid steelie) that I hope to motorize - if you do the install and tune up the bike (and I provide any necessary parts, of course) - I'll give you the bike for $99. Otherwise, cash or paypal payment in full before I release the bike.

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