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2 stroke 80cc bike engine kit questions


New Member
Oct 17, 2020
I just mounted a 2 stroke 80cc engine kit On my bike that I bought off eBay.

First, whenever I pedal and get the engine going it literally just takes off full speed. I pull the clutch back in and takes off even faster. The first time I got it running I could not brake normally but for whatever reason the engine shut off and was able to slow down with my feet just making the end of street. Did some adjustments to idle screw and tightened the brakes.

Took it out today again, same problem only this time I could brake. Problem now is once I’m fully braked the engine still wants to keep going and sounds extremely loud. I could not turn the engine off as I don’t know how besides choke. So I wound hopping of the bike and grabbed it while it was trying to accelerate. Then turned choke on? And disengaged the engine.

With that said, how do you turn off the engine once it’s running? Also how do you keep it running with accelerating? And is there any way to keep it from taking off like it does until I get used to it?


Well-Known Member
Jan 5, 2020
You have a big air leak around the intake/carb area or the throttle cable is hanging up somewhere. Did you install the kill switch on the handlebar?
Do you have the clutch hooked up? Take a couple pictures, one each side and post them here and we'll get you going in the right direction.


Active Member
Jul 27, 2014
Is your clutch adjusted to disengage when pulled in? It sounds like you have a few issues.