2-Stroke Briggs build... Need SPROCKETS!

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    My build is progressing along slowly, as time permits. Encluded are some lame pics of what I've gotten together, and a mystery pic of another, er, "motored-bike" I'm building. I've just about rounded up all of the parts needed to complete it. I'm using a 3hp 2-stroke Briggs, rack mounted, with a centrifugal clutch, running to a jackshaft via a #35 chain. From the jackshaft to the dual freewheel hub, 415 chain. I ordered 12guage spokes from Stanton today, and the 5/8 jackshaft kit. The kit comes with 13 & 18 tooth, 35 pitch sprockets. I'm thinking that I need more that an 18 on the jackshaft, coming from the 11 tooth clutch... Using the Ratio Calculator, with the 18, and a ten feeding the final 50 tooth sprocket, nets me 37.8 mph @ 4000 rpm. I'd rather use a larger #35 sprocket on the jackshaft, and a larger 415 drive sprocket, too. I also need a couple feet of #35 chain & a masterlink. Any thoughts on ratios? Who has sprockets available? I'm anticipation having to change up a few times, to dial it in, especially after I get it on the road & start to modify the engine. Thanks for the input. Nashville Geoff

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  2. Hi,

    We can make sprockets for most any standard chain size....

    Happy Holidays!

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    I think that I've gotten what I need for this build from mfgsupply.com, but I've got another engine, a 2-cycle 3hp Tecumseh that I want to configure the drive with a freewheel front derailleur crank. Can you provide any parts for that? Merry Christmas, Nashville Geoff