2 stroke chinese spark plug+wires

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by solitus3989, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. solitus3989

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    on my to do list:
    1. get a "ngk-b6hs" spark plug (according to the Pre-build checklist i found here)
    2. get... some sort of new boot and spark plug wire. need help here i don't know what kind of wire to buy, i only need enough length for one bike. also i don't know what kind of boot to buy.

    when we tried to get the stock kit boot on the stock spark plug for the ebay 80(70)cc chinese kit, half of the clip in the inside of the boot broke, and we removed the 'nipple' on top of the chinese plug and kind of shoved it on there. by replacing those 2, im sure it will fire better.

  2. alex

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    I went to autozone, and asked for a 7mm copper core wire with a boot attached, and it was a little over 8$

    You would want a boot that's made of rubber, or a soft plastic, pretty much anything but what your kit came with will be an improvement.
  3. solitus3989

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    tyvm Alex. i figured the spark plug/wire would be cheap since the boot didn't even fit properly over the plug. >.<
  4. Pablo

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    You can get both at www.sickbikeparts.com
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    Heres a pretty popular thread all about it: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=3981&highlight=performance+accident.

    The stock wire is made from carbon which I'm sure has high resistance in it, taking a lot of the power away from the spark. Apparently the carbon core is used so it doesnt interfere with TV signals. My mate told me that apparently when mopeds go past his house the TV signal goes funny. I'm going to upgrade as soon as I find some copper core wire for the right price.

  6. Auto parts store.. Distributor wire.. Under $5.00
  7. eisle89

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    How about the length vs resistance ?, I'm trying to tuck the CDI out of the way of any water. Can I get away with 1' or 1 1/2'
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  9. Pablo

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    I've seen a few posts about resistance, or worry about a resistor plug wire. This is simply not a concern, and in fact a well made wire will allow bike speedometers to work (or work better). The small amount of resistance in a Hi Perf "resistor" wire doesn't impede the flow of high voltage discharge to your spark plug.

    What is not generally understood (or is ignored) is that as a result of the laws of electricity, the potential 45,000 plus volts (with alternating current characteristics) from the ignition coil (a pulse type transformer) does not flow through the entire the length of fine wire used for a spiral conductor like the 1 volt DC voltage from a test ohmmeter, but flows in a magnetic field surrounding the outermost surface of the spiral windings (skin effect). The same skin effect applies equally to the same pulsating flow of current passing through carbon and solid metal conductors.

    The problem with the Chinese supplied wire is that is made so terribly it will degrade spark and may not last very long.
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    Thanks Pablo
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    Most people assume that because a spark is involved there must be a substantial current too,this is quite erroneous.The curents involved are only a fraction of a milliAmpere ! and resistance plug wire if correctly built works just as well as metallic wire,but cuts RF (radio frequency) noise greatly,as do resistor plugs.The problems occur because of poor connections to the coil or the plug,this causes internal arching which exacerbates the problem.Current leakage due to poor insulation is a major cause of ignition failure esp.under wet conditions with a marginal coil or CDI unit.HT engines in particular are plagued by ignition failures due to marginal design and shoddy constuction.
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    Thanks for the replies, now i need to figure out a better CDI replacement
  13. grummy

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    I got NGK B6-L does it has the same spec with NGK B6HS? which one is hotter? or better.
  14. Lazieboy

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    Plug boot

    Metal socked of boot pulled out. but will stay on and work, but good bump will make boot jump off plug. How can i fix. glue
  15. FelipeCobu

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    The very same thing happened to me, dont waste your time trying to fix this piece of junk. A motorcycle parts shop probably can supply you a spark plug boot and some better wire too.
  16. motorpsycho

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    on one of my bikes, I have my c.d.i. hidden under the engine down my the cranks, with about a 12-13 inch long accell 7 mm superstock spark plug wire. Length isn't an issue with a GOOD plug wire.

    on my other bike i have the same plug wire, but it's about 6-8 inches long. the cdi is down low on the seat post tube.
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  17. Lazieboy

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    Da Boot

    I had a spare boot so removed old one and screwed it on the end of cdi wire.
    Now if i had a new wire would it screw on to the CDI the same way as the boot does?.
    What was your fix.
  18. FelipeCobu

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    Yes the two ends are to screw. I got my "boot" from a Honda CG 125 but I doubt they have this motorcycle there in U.S.

    Felipe Cobu
  19. motorpsycho

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    you can use ANY automotive spark plug wire and boot....it doesn't have to be for a motorcycle.
    the only exception would be a boot made for a chrysler hemi (old style) because they had big ceramic boots on then because the spark plugs are down inside the valve covers.
    you can go to autozone or wherever and buy a set of plug wires for a 4 cylinder car engine for about $10.00.
    this would give you enough spark plug wire to make several for a m.b.
    one from a lawnmower would work too, but it may not have the length that you want.
    The thing about using automotive spark plug wires is the length.
    you can make them as long or as short as you want.
  20. HeadSmess

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    20kv insulated neon sign cable also woRKs well...available in uber hot colours too ;)

    auto leads are invariably "resistive", so use a standard (non resistor) boot... and plug (b6hs, not br6hs). possibly easier to find unless you have access to neon signs ;) on this note, be careful with what boot you get. the ones with resistors do fail and need the resistor replaced occasionally.

    or dont even :) all it does is stop radio interference and so far, i havent seen anyone with a doof doof box on their pushie!

    a wire is a wire. its the insulation that counts here.

    currently my boot is from a brushcutter. little rubber thing and the "clip" inside it is just stabbed through the wire :) only one that hasnt vibrated apart within two weeks!
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