2 stroke engine does not start.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by William Weiss, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. William Weiss

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    Hi, I got a new engine kit and put it on a beach cruiser. After some trouble with the spark plug, I finally got the engine to start, but it dose not provide enough power to start moving and it cuts out when i stop.

  2. jaguar

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    plane the head for correct sealing.
    check the crank seals for leakage.
    make sure there is no air leak between engine and carb.
    take the carb off and adjust the float height.
    make sure there is good flow of gas since that can be greatly restricted if the air filter is clogged.
    make sure the choke is not on.
  3. William Weiss

    William Weiss New Member

    is the choke on when the lever is up or down?
  4. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    The choke is on when the lever is up
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  6. HeadSmess

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    usual deal...

    replace stock chinese kit plug with NGK b(r)5(or 6)hs or steal the plug out of your hedgetrimmer etc.

    remove carb. pour some fuel down the intake, just a bit.

    try to start it, if it starts, revs up, then dies... all is well. clean the carb, something you should do when its new. theres always crud in the things when new. ie, remove the bowl, check the jet is clear... no bits of stuff in the bowl.

    but otherwise, when you reinstall the carb, making sure its pushed onto the manifold completely, it should start and run. properly.

    sometimes the fuel line doesnt want to flow if its half empty (full?). pop it off the carb nipple, turn the tap on, make sure it flows ok.

    tickle the little brass primer thing on the side (assuming its the stock carb) until some fuel comes out. or undo the small screw on the bottom of carb bowl.

    if it still doesnt start, there is something more troublesome afoot!
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  7. William Weiss

    William Weiss New Member

    I got a new cdi and spark plug then i got spark. The carb got super jacked up somehow so got a new high performance one. Worked like a charm and started right up, has been working perfectly.
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