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  1. CAT341

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    Interested in using a 2-stroke engine on this Worksman frame any suggestions?
    *Since this is my first build I would prefer a kit.
    *Speed is not a major importance.
    *Would have to work with the rear drum and existing hand lever (wondering if two hand levers would work or are there other types of clutches available?)
    *I've seen some kits on ebay any other sources?


  2. CAT341

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    Photos of frame.

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  3. Al.Fisherman

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    I've had good service from my HT's. The only problem I had on the first one (of 5) was a blown head gasket. Since then I make some inexpensive modifications BEFORE I even think about installing the engines. You will need a custom made front mount. Nice bike. And I have a double brake lever...just love the single lever. I have a cruiser, and replaced the coaster brake with pads.

    I have a link in Dropbox, which I'm in the process of transferring it to Google Docs, so it won't have to be downloaded.

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  4. CAT341

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    Thanks for the info. Pretty informative step by step on the engine work.
  5. jamz1378

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    sweet bike i got my hands on a duel break leaver works great and gose on the right hand side so it leaves the left for the clutch

  6. CAT341

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    Wow!...that looks like a great idea thanks for the idea.
  7. oldnube

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    empty link

    AL I would like to see your info but the link took me to a sharing site but no info
  8. CAT341

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    An update:
    Refurbished a vintage long spring seat to use for this build to include a hand stitched leather saddle (it's amazing what you can lean from these forums).

    2 stroke engine installed and started on the second try ( needs a little adjustment...I'll have to figure out how to adjust the carb.

    Took it for a short ride and was very happy with it. A little too cold and wet up here in the North East (NY)

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