2 stroke first time in the rain

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by benjy6, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. benjy6

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    after reading about everyone who has gone out in the rain, yesterday was my first time to try my 2 stroke engine mounted engine in the rain.

    started out fine , actually great, rode for about 20 minutes

    as im coming back down the street i originally rode on for 20 minutes, i go across a GREEN LIGHT and as im doing so, a car shoots out from a side street to get ahead of me.

    as i see him doing this i veer left out of the bicycle lane and next i know im on the ground.

    as it turns out as i went left my back tire was just coming up on the white bycicle picture on the street and as i leaned a little left my rear tire lost traction on the picture and i went down with a crash.

    luckly i wasnt going fast .

    bike was fine something hapeened to the clutch and wouldnt engage so i peddeled home.

    took the clutch arm and plate off and cleaned it out while i had it off.

    found nothing put it back on and it worked.

    inspected everything and rode it around and it was fine.

    also while i had it off i realigned the clutch arm and now it works like a charm.

    after i checked my baby to see if she was alright, i then went and got some water, and cleaned the dirt out of my cuts from falling.

    today i can feel exactly what parts of my body hit that road.

    my shoulders, elbows, arm muscles, knees, and chest muscles hurt today.


  2. Mountainman

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    riding in the rain --- CAREFUL !!!

    I hope that many take NOTICE of your (paint on roadway remark)

    as you found out -- the hard way -- THAT PAINT IS SLIPPERY WHEN WET !!!

    glad that you didn't break any bones -- or worse

    yes - as you may have noticed from my thread
    yesterday was also my -- first WET day of riding
    after that -- as you have stated -- HOT SHOWER -- FELT SOOO GOOD !!!

    be careful when we RIDE THOSE THINGS IN THE RAIN !!!
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Yup, slipperiness is a BIG problem in the rain.

    But I'm glad you're more or less allright.

    Bad weather absolutely requires less speed and more caution. Quite a bit of each.
  4. SirJakesus

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    Road paint can be slippery any time, I dumped on my old motorcycle because I overtorqued it while doing a quick weave around a parked car sticking out in the road. Next thing I know the bike was sideways and I was doing somekind of superman maneuver.
    Road paint sucks, avoid it if possible but if unavoidable ride on it like it was ice.
  5. Mountainman

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    ride that THING over the paint -- CAREFUL !!!

    so right - SirJakesus

    it would be our hopes here -- to help others avoid -- mistakes made by us
    and we wish to drive the point home here -- regarding our fellow MB riders

    when you see anything painted on the roadway -- CAUTION !!!

    that paint can put us down in a split second
    should always be crossed -- straight across
    being extra careful if making turns on painted road areas

    and as SirJ has stated --- ROAD PAINT CAN BE SLIPPERY ANY TIME
    even when all conditions are DRY

    and when road paint is wet --- LOOK OUT !!!

    hope that we may have saved one person from one crash as they

    ride that THING over the paint on the roadway !!!
  6. benjy6

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    and on the topic of falling

    dont let it scare u.
    figure out y u fell, what made u fall, where u fell.