Centrifugal 2 stroke HT - Centrifugal Clutch + Pull Start


They have options to add a pull start and centrifugal clutch.

Many of the Bigger Venders Will be selling a Dual start Ht motor In about a month.It's available For Purchase Now But shipping will not start for close to a month.

The past pull start mechanisms available for-sale currently are Undesirable to say the least.After 20 or so pulls they fail.

Apparently the new pull start mechanism has been updated and improved.

Yes i will have them as well.
Ill post some pictures And Videos In the next couple days if i get a chance.




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Can a HT motor still be started while pedaling if a centrifugal clutch is installed, or is a pull start required?
Thanks for the help. I have been thinking about ordering a centrifugal clutch for mine since I found out they were available, but didn't know if I would have to order the pull start too. I will also have to check out the clearance issue.
I added the pull start for my 70cc. I had to add the wider peddle crank because the
pull start was in the way after adding it. Yes, they are kind of junk. Mine lasted 1 month of
medium use before it broke. I fixed it and sold the bike to a neighbor.Its been ok for him since .Just a thought.
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centrifugal clutches

I have centrifugal clutches on two engines, both also have the standard clutch that comes on the engine, and yes I can pedal start either of them if I choose. I too had to add the wider crank because both the centrifugal clutch and the pull starter will hit the pedals with out the wider crank. In rural areas the pedal start is fine for me but here in the city where I make a heck of alot of stops on every ride, the centrifugal is a wonderful addition. I'll add both items to my 3rd build if I can get pedal clearance. The latest bike is an OCC Chopper and it presents plenty of challenges. Haven't started it yet but have been reading what others experienced.
Nope, centrifugal clutches cannot be pedal started, PULL START ONLY i'm afraid! Pull starting is so much nicer i think, my chain tensioner comes loose with too many bump starts .. but it does add an inch or 2 to the width of engine so pedal clearance becomes an issue

Really, been pedal starting both of my centrifugal clutch engines for months now.

The pull start works great once you replace the lousy rope with something better.