2 Stroke Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by joshdt96, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. joshdt96

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    So I just bought 2 new 66cc motor for my business. I wanted to know why I have had 2 motors before these and neither of them got the full 100-150 Mpg. I usually only get 25-30 if I am lucky. But then again I was using 2 Stoke Universal oil from Wal-Mart. So where can I get 2 Stroke Synthetic Motorcycle Oil and will it help my millage?

  2. motorpsycho

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    i have a 50 c.c. 2 stroke, and i get no where near the advertized mpg. 100-150 mpg??? ha ha ha.
    seems like my engine burns gas like crazy, but it's not running too rich...i have the carb tuned perfectly.
    i don;t really ride mine long enough distances to say "i get xxx miles per gallon".
    i just ride mine around the neighborhood...maybe 5-6 miles per ride.
    i'm not concerned with mpg anyway, my bike is just for fun.
    as for the synthetic oil, it MAY help with mpg a little bit but you probably won;t see a huge difference.
    synthetic oil lubricates a little better than regular oil, so it releives a bit of friction on the bearings. it has been proven with v-8 engines that running synthetic oil over conventional oil will give slightly more horsepower because of less friction.
    you can buy synthetic 2 cycle oil at wal mart, it does not have to be "motorcycle 2 cycle oil".
  3. MrShorty

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    Hard to believe you only get 25-30mpg. Do you mean to a tank?
    Use a good oil, not wally world oil. And not marine oil. Go to a motorcycle
    shop and get some oil. Amsoil 2 cycle is a good one.
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  4. joshdt96

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    If you do not mind me asking... how many MPG do you think you get, and no I am talking about filling my half a tank twice and I still only get 25-30mpg
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    No, oil won't make much of a different in fuel economy. You have something else going on.
  6. seanhan

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    2 stroke oil

    I use Lucas semi synth 50:1 ratio
    It's really done great with my tanaka 33 cc
    You can get it at pep boys.lots of other stores..
    You need to mix the correct ratio very important...
    Also make sure you have fresh clean gas..
    Also don't use marine oil it's for water cooled engines only !!!!
    You want air cooled oil.....
    Also learn how to read the spark plug color to check for proper burn.
    Lots of info with pics on the www...
  7. seanhan

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    Remember that all those milage claims are made by people trying to sell you something !!
    Lots of factors go into play there ....

    Even wind,tire presser, hills, wheel bearings,rider weight, road quality, engine performance..riding style..are you cruising or WOT all the time !!!
    My bike can go 33mph but get best miliage at 20-23 mph..
  8. Biker

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    My 48cc bike gets near 60 km per tank,not sure what this is in mpg,but not great.
  9. keatonx

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    I use 2 stroke marine oil in weed eaters, chainsaws, blowers with no difference. Marine oil is just better for the enviroment cause it leaks into lakes.
  10. seanhan

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    Well after checking into to it ....

    I think you are correct. It seems the air and water colled is really not a issue after all...

    Reading from the lucus data sheet...

    They are the same.
  11. ibdennyak

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    Are you riding your brakes...:jester: j/k...that is poor mileage.
  12. shell shock

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    gonna sound stupid, but is your tank or hose leaking? i have seen leaks go un noticed (evaporates before it drips off the hose)
  13. TucsonDIrect

    TucsonDIrect Member

    Yeah leaving the valve open, or a slight leak will quickly take your mileage from 120 down to 5mpg ~! Done that 100times too many!