2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke: Which is better?

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    Is there a big difference between 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines. Do 4-stroke engines have more power, go faster? Or are they just better mechanically?

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    Without going into the specific mechanics of how they work... I would say the biggest difference is that 2-stroke engines delivers the lubrication through the fuel. 4-stroke engines deliver the oil separately through mechanical means.

    There has been a ton of debate over which system is better... I say the 4-stroke is by far better than the 2-stroke.

    I will elaborate further if you really want me to.
  4. 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke

    It depends. Many people think a 2 stroke is better if you intend to run it wide open for long periods of time. If you throttle back and cruise at less than 100% throttle, then a 4 stroke may last longer. 2 strokes make more power per pound, 4 strokes make more torque at lower RPM. Mix the oil with the gas in correct proportion, or change the oil in the crankcase often(no oil filter), but both need done religiously if the engines are to last. I'd guess that the initial quality of the engine and how well it is maintained are the most important factors in determining how long they will last.

    I think it's a horse apiece.