2 things - master links & dog chasers

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    Hi -
    2 questions - I need a master link for a reg bicycle chain - a link on the chain actually broke - cant seem to find one on ebay cause the auction said it would not fit derauiler...
    The other is this Huge dog literally rammed me couple weeks back. I was out in front of the persons house yelling for them to watch thier bleepin dog... some lady comes out and just looks.... next day the dog chases me again... ok - now i'm ticked ... I go do my shopping and pick up a stick for the trip home - there the dog is waiting for me.... he comes a runnin and I bust the stick on his head and ride off...
    Next day - I have a bigger stick... ha.... he charges me again and there are 3 people out side the house watching... he didnt get close enough... I stop in front of the house and say I'm pepper spraying next time....
    So everyday the dog is out - I actually have a burn on the inside of my knee where the dog rammed my knee into the engine.... so question is - what kind of force can I use on a dog if the owners are ignorant...? I really want to beat it with a baseball bat at this point...

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    I would think if the owners wont do anything and you are in the street and the dog is not on a leash and it rushes you . Spray it with some bear mace - the dog will learn!!!
    You dont want to beat the dog cuz the owners are idiots. You do have the right to protect yourself.
    And about the chain it would probably be easier to just go to walmart and spend 10$ for a new one.
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  3. srdavo

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    yes... I agree.

    Walmart also has a chain tool for about 5 bucks. With this, you'll not need a masterlink.
  4. motorpsycho

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    ummm, ride on a different street?
    it's not the dogs fault, it's the owners fault.
    why should the dog suffer by getting hit with a stick or sprayed with mace or pepper spray because of the owners irresponsibilty?
    If it were me, i'd go to the door of the house and spray mace at the owner and tell them to buy a chain for their dog.
    the dog is an animal and doesn't know any better, but it doesn't deserve to be beaten because of the dumbass owners.

    as for the chain, wal mart (mine anyway) has the platnum series multi speed chains on sale for $5.00 right now.
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    Actually just got back from walmart with a new chain 3/32 - and the chain tool and some slime for on the road problems. - You are right bout the dog - its just frustrating when owners are ignorant - i dont wanna get bit or wipe out... i got some pepper spray - what ticks me off is they dont care or they think its funny.... all cool...
  6. jacksbike

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    I dont have the option of diff streets - I am rural and only one road to town unless I go 4 miles outa my way... and I absolutely will not be pushed around...
  7. loquin

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    ammonia water in a squirt gun would work well.

    So would pepper spray.
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    Get a can of Habanero's and put the juice in a spray bottle. Just make sure you're up wind.
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  10. jacksbike

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    or just type in "paul bunyan beer axe"
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    Master links they have them.

    If you have a six seven or eight speed chain you can use a KMC 'missing link' it cost about eight bucks and it is possible to take them apart with your fingers.(but not very easy) they also make them for nine and ten speed chains but I don't think that's what you are looking for.

    you just get your chain ready and hook one side of the chain with on part of the link and the other side with the second half put them together right in front of the crank and then step on it and "clink" it locks into place.

    As for the motor side of my bike I don't use a master link because it broke about a mile from my home, so I got out my chain tool and a small steel bar and hammer and just mashed them together like an old BMX chain. (after I used a motorcycle chain tool to get it to the right place) Its held up for over three hundred miles, knock on wood.